Wednesday, 4 May 2011 15:22
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Forgot to mention that on the drive home, we saw a beautiful dalmatian! He was highly unusual in that he had a short tail (maybe six inches?), but we went by him too fast to see much. He was wearing some sort of vest, so I'm not sure if they were training him to be an assistance dog, or what. Anyway, you don't see that many dalmatians around town, so that was a treat. I still miss my Justice. :o)

YES!! Look! Last fm is working with LJ again. Weird since it wasn't working ten minutes ago, but that's okay with me. ^__^


Wednesday, 10 February 2010 21:43
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Lady Gaga is delightful and weird. Finally picked up The Fame and The Fame Monster, and love them both. I can't tell you how much I'm loving Telephone and Teeth right now. LOL.

Work has it's irritating or chaotic moments, but overall things are going well. Glad it's almost the end of the week though. The mattress place on my way home has a floor-model clearance going on right now, so I should stop procrastinating and finally stop and see about getting a new mattress. Except we have rain forecast forever, so I have to time it for when we have time to unload and not leave it out in the truck.

Rocky has been trying to steal Nate's bed for weeks, and now Laylah has decided that she wants to share it with Nate. Except Nate can only tolerate sharing for so long, then he leaves it to her. So funny to see a little cat in the middle of a huge dog bed! LOL. My dog is silly!

More links

Tuesday, 22 May 2007 18:28
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Well, you know how Gmail has those little links on the side that relate to your email? (Well, for the most part they relate. Sometimes you wonder how in the world they came up with the links as they don't seem to match at all!) Anyway, they had more dog collar links and I found one that looks really neat.
This particular one is for the wild west type dog, and a bit more budget friendly. This particular collar, anyway, the site does have some pricier stuff! I like this one though. Just got Nate a great new leash - it's black braided with reflective tape, so it's a neat black and silver braid and it's sturdy and soft at the same time. I LOVE it. But Nate's had the same collar for about five years, so it's tempting to find something new and fun for him. *cough* New for him, fun for me. ^___^ They also have little charms that are super cute.

Turns out that we're not going to get to see the other Doberman tomorrow as we'd planned. Since Heather was able to adopt Baby (and not be able to adopt Daniella) the current owner doesn't really have time to show her off. Which is understandable, but since Michael's been talking about visiting Daniella for two weeks... So we're going to the Portland Zoo tomorrow. Yay! Looking forward to it. OMG, I need to buy more film though. Oops. Mmm. Well, I think Rite-Aid should be open in the morning. I can drop off the other rolls and buy new ones. lol. Anyway, that'll be great fun. We've not been up to the Zoo for a number of years and hopefully Michael's at a stage where he'll really enjoy it.

Fancy Collars

Monday, 21 May 2007 19:54
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I don't have a fancy dog icon to go with this post. Heather found this site full of gorgeous dog items -

They're quite spendy especially since they look like they're more decorative than functional, but they are just gorgeous. Something to save up for and then have something pretty for your photo sessions, you know?! The Saluki collars are fabulous. Anyway, I'm not sure about getting one for Nate, as he's really not that "posh" but I may have to save up for one in the future. I'm definitely considering getting another Dalmatian next time, and they'd look fabulous on a Dal. ^___^


Monday, 9 April 2007 20:13
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New photos of Nate. He was shedding like crazy in these, though!

two more )


Monday, 2 April 2007 20:06
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Corgi's and Peanut Butter apparently go together very well! ^___^


Sunday, 25 March 2007 19:39
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Today was great fun. Had a mellow morning around here, then gathered up all my cans and all the housemates' bottles and went to Safeway. Ended up with about $7.50!! Bought lunch so I could eat in the truck on the way to Heather's, so I didn't end up with that much cash, but still it was good! Plus it's amazing what just that amount of stuff out of the garage does to make it seem much roomier.

Anyway, got to Heather's and we went down the road to one of her sort-of-neighbors and met her dobermans. Sooooooo pretty!!! Heather's been talking with her for years, and they know each other well enough now that she is letting Heather walk the female. Her name is Baby, and she's such a sweetheart!! We walked for at least an hour and she was very, very tired when we got her back! lol. We walked Caesar just a bit due to some health issues, and petted him and talked with him a long time. Then we went and picked up Michael, drove around a little bit, and then had pizza for dinner. Mmm. It was a lovely afternoon/evening.

Why is it that everyone seems to be having a hard time sleeping this week, or at least the last few days? I wonder if it's because the weather went from being sunny to cloudy and still sunny...though, that was just last night that it rained. Still, I suppose the pressure could have been there before. Or it could just be coincidence that lots of people are having a hard time sleeping all at once. *shrug*


Thursday, 22 March 2007 20:11
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Dogster just created breed pages, so you can go view a general info page about certain breeds, and see some representatives of those breeds - purebreds and mixes. Pretty cool!! I clicked on the "adoptable" link just to see some of the dogs out there - OMG! I want to rescue all of them. They sound so sweet! And are so pretty! Ack! Must resist doing that again. It's hard enough visiting the shelter in person, never mind ones clear across the country. *sigh*

I'm so glad this is Thursday. For some reason I've been thinking it's Tuesday off and on. Strange!!

Next week is going to be awesome. I'll get to work 2.5 days and get 2.5 days off! YAY!!!!!! Commence Operation Garage this weekend, as I'll have time to chill out later in the week in compensation. Spring is here in all its glory - sunshine, warmth and Spring Cleaning. ^___^


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