Baby crow!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007 18:24
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I never see baby birds, so this is kind of cool to see a baby crow. In the comments she said that the parents did find the baby in the basket are taking care of it, so all is well. Anyway, imho this crow is so ugly that he's adorable, but your mileage may vary. ;D


Wednesday, 2 May 2007 09:11
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Well, our days of beautiful sunshine seem to be pending at the moment. This morning is pretty grey and chilly, but at least it wasn't pouring. Nate and I had a lovely walk, though most of the tulips on our walk are now quite bedraggled.

How would you like to be working in a tall building, look out your window and see a vulture looking in at YOU?! LOL. Too funny!


Monday, 30 April 2007 18:16
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What an unusual version of a red-tailed hawk! He is just gorgeous though. :)
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Heather and I took Michael to the Cascade Raptor Center on Sunday - they were celebrating Earth Day. It was absolutely amazing how many people were there - cars were parking up and down the street for what looked like a mile. Probably not, but there were a LOT of people there. Michael actually wasn't in a good mood and wasn't remotely interested in the birds, so we didn't get to peruse as much as we would have liked.

Still, we got to see some lovely birds. Lots of falcons, hawks and owls and the like. They even have a pair of turkey vultures - both were sunning themselves, so it was neat to see them up close. Other than their heads, they are actually quite pretty birds. I've seen bald eagles and golden eagles before, but apparently from quite a distance. The golden eagle was HUGE! Wow, was she beautiful. The bald eagles were nesting, as was another pair. Pretty cool! Maybe there will be an opportunity to go see the chicks later this year. ^___^

I haven't figured out the manual settings on my camera, so for the smaller birds I couldn't get the camera to focus on the bird instead of the wires. But I did get some pictures of the bigger birds, and the two vultures.

Today I've been feeling a little sick, but hopefully it's something that will go away without progressing any further. Feeling okay now, anyway. We'll see.

Flemish Giants

Sunday, 22 April 2007 09:14
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Flemish Giants are a huuuuge breed of rabbits. We had a few bucks when we were raising rabbits, and maybe a couple of does. All of ours were just plain white, but they apparently come in all sorts of colors too.

Check out the rabbit that is the SAME size as the dog about halfway down the page!

Hmm. This Farm has a little blurb on the Flemish Giants and a pretty picture. They also have lots of rare sheep (neat!), some pigs, chickens and cattle. But, I'm a little bit concerned about their Longhorn description as it describes them as 'docile' and having a great nature. They're in England, perhaps there are two types of Longhorns? Because our longhorns tend to be a bit wild and flighty, though they are great mothers. *G* The one pictured doesn't look like the longhorns I've seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Herman, the Giant Bunny. This picture makes him look far larger than either 17 or 22 pounds!

This site lists a few rabbit breeds, but also has some chickens and ducks.

These irises grow wild up on the hill. This is from last year, though this about the time they usually bloom.

(no subject)

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 17:50
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hehe. I think that I have a chicadee and a tiny goldfinch trying to get the nerve up to try out the new birdfeeder. YAY!!! I heard this chirping noise out my window, and saw this tiny bird - at first I thought it was a hummingbird, but it didn't move or buzz like a hummingbird. It looks like a pale gold (the sun is behind it so I can't see super well), so I'm guessing it's just a small goldfinch. Anyway, that's cool they're finding the new feeder!

I've always meant to look at the can art and keep forgetting. They don't have that much up in their gallery, but their "permanent" gallery is kind of cool.

Cute Overload

Monday, 2 April 2007 18:40
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Absolutely adorable! My computer played it a little slow, but it was worth it. The duckling appears to be feeding the koi! Though, one of the commenters said he was probably just wetting the food to make it easier to eat...still, it's adorable! ^___^
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These are from a few weekends ago, when the blue heron started out right next to the bike path and then flew over about five feet out onto a little bit of land. SO pretty! My apologies for not being very good with bird photos yet. *G*

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Had a great day today. Went out to the ranch a little earlier than normal, so Nate and I could take a walk up the hill. The lower portion is fairly clear of blackberries, but I still don't see a way to make it up to the gravel road. I'll have to talk to my cousin, as my uncle thought he was working on clearing a path to get up there. Have to find out where he's doing that from so we can enjoy the long hike again! I'm so looking forward to it. It is so nice to be able to walk Nate off a leash and not have to worry about running into anyone else.

During lunch, we were watching the hummingbirds and finches at the feeders. Grandma has two hummingbird feeders - one on each side of the trailer house. I'm used to seeing the Anna's Hummingbird, but this is the first time I've seen the Rufous Hummingbird! SO pretty! We noticed that it seemed to be going from one feeder to the other, then disappearing for a while. After many hours (visiting, picking up groceries and Rx for grandparents, etc) we came back to discover that one of the Rufous males was guarding BOTH feeders as well as he could. He finally got to the point where he'd land on the fence and wait for one of the other hummingbirds to try to feed, then he'd dive bomb them. Then he'd go over to the other side of the house and repeat. Insane! He's using up all of his energy reserves doing that!! He also did NOT like us messing around in the garden. Eh. Oops! May have to move the feeders further from the house, but then that's no fun for watching them. So cool to see hummingbirds all day long like that, though!! I wish I had some that came to our house here in town. Maybe once my garden is up and growing it will look more inviting.

Sooooo tired. Couldn't get to sleep until midnight last night, and then woke up at 5 in the morning. Ack!! Oh, well. Had a great day but now I'm running out of steam. Also, today was gorgeous and sunny without being too warm. Perfect!
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I don't like either of these pictures as well as the other Mallard, but the one of the pair is interesting enough. I'm going to talk to our camera shop sometime soon and price a zoom lens so I can get better bird/nature shots in the future.


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