Tuesday, 18 September 2007 15:03
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Sharing courtesy of [ profile] dahliablue:
Heads up -- LJ is about to start collecting user info (surfing history, etc.). By default, you're signed up. You have to opt out. To opt out and for more info on all this, go here.

If you mod a community and you want to opt out:
set for communityname opt_exclude_stats 1

So, now you know. :\

(amazing how quickly one can go from optimistic to pessimistic. granted they're about two entirely different topics!)


Wednesday, 8 August 2007 14:41
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Well, it's official. On Friday a new kitty will be coming home with me! She is an absolute cutie. Reminds me of my grandma's kitty, Socks. I haven't decided on her name for sure (and won't until she's been home for a bit) but I am leaning towards Dehlia. Goes well with McNab. ;D

LJ's doing it again. They've deleted [ profile] ponderosa121, which royally sucks. Her artwork is incredibly gorgeous and very little of it underage, though that is the official reason for her journal being suspended without recourse. I do not want to spend the time on reading some 5000 comments on the latest lj biz entry, but there is an interesting thread on pro-anorexia communities being allowed when fictional art depictions are not and a lovely and well thought out post.

Ok, got sucked into it a little bit. But I'm quitting soon. lol. - another well thought out post, and how it's obviously not just about fanart.
Not only does the journal get deleted, but so does every comment they've made in other people's journals or communities. Unbelievable.


On another note, I am watching the first season of Criminal Minds. Amazing show and wonderful actors, though some of the episodes are particularly disturbing. I have found one that is as disturbing to me as the fanny packers episode of CSI. People really are awful to each other some times. :\


Friday, 1 June 2007 20:51
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Today ran the gamut from feeling half-sick, to feeling decent in the afternoon and then great tonight. In fact, heather and I met at Outback for dinner and it was fabulous. Our waiter was a riot, and their coco-berry drink is delicious. Mmm. I have leftover Alice Springs Chicken for lunch and life is pretty good.

The LJ news is still exploding with comments, but I don't have the energy to catch up on all the comments anymore. Things appear that they could be improving, but it could all just be talk too. Time will tell.

In the meantime, a meme created by [ profile] tavalya_ra

"Interests I Don't Support" Meme
Let's try something.

According to Barak Berkowitz, CEO of Six Apart, listing something in your profile as an interest means you like or support that thing. I quote the CEO himself:

Both in the instructions for profiles and in other places on the site we make it clear that interests listed should be evaluated within the context of “I like x”, “I’m in favor of x” or “I support x”.

Well, Mr. Berkowitz, you're wrong. Interest does not mean support. In some cases, it doesn't even mean liking the thing. And prior to your statement, interest has not been interpreted to mean this. According to Mr. Berkowitz, the following statements are true of me:

I support claymores (which as we all know are gigantic killing swords)
I support lost souls.
I support harry dresden and harry potter (i.e. wizards are eeeevil)
I support werewolves.
I support vampires.

If you think this is absurd, go through your own interest list on your profile and state what Mr. Berkowitz thinks you support.

*sigh* Mine's lame, I know. I didn't even have two more to fill out the actual meme! Oh well. You get the idea. ^___^

Just info

Wednesday, 30 May 2007 19:16
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I'm just posting this because I do not want to write to LJ at this point. In theory, all the comments are going to the one person who last made the news post, and she could be off today. After all, it is my day off. So I'll wait and see what happens in the next few days. But if nothing happens and I do make the decision to drop down to basic or leave, I want to mail LJ a physical letter. It's easy enough to ignore a bunch of emails, but perhaps a letter detailing the loss of income (my main account, and occasionally the communities I maintain so I can make modifications, as well as the occasional gift) to them would make some sort of impact. Or at least make me feel better. LOL.

"Originally posted by [ profile] destinymanifest here on page 37.
Googled, this is what I came up with. I called the number, and got a voice recording. Those are the options on the voice recording.

Six Apart
548 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 344-0056

Sales, press 1
Support, press 2
Press inquiries, press 3

Or, stay on the line for their receptionist."

They're on 83 pages of comments now. O.o
ETA: My journal is in read-only mode? Whatever. Trying again.


Wednesday, 30 May 2007 11:54
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Management royally sucks sometimes. I say that about work, and now I say it about LJ. I'm sure most everyone has already heard about the deleted journals drama, but if not here's one link:

This is actually the third or fourth post on the matter, and she links to the earlier ones on there as well. She also links to the latest news article, the requests for an LJ statement start on page 6 and currently are up to page 23 or 24.

What's crazy is that I do think getting rid of actual pedophile communites is a decent thing, but they didn't carry it out well at all. Far too many non-criminal people and journals have been affected, and who's to say that the next purge will actually target criminal actions. Or who defines those criminal actions. If they really did delete all those journals based on an interest search, that's just way too vague. There's lots of interests that have at least a double meaning, and if they managed to delete an abuse-survivor community or individual, then they obviously aren't looking for context. It's appalling and disturbing.

God. Oh, OOPS. Watch out, the anti-religious people will be calling next.

Edit: haha! The Killers are on the radio. Whatever their new one is, but it does seem like funny timing. :)
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Just ignore this entry if you want. I prefer the "cloud" look to the tags, but I hate it that you can't actually read half of them. So I'm going to list all the not-as-loved tags and one itty bitty bit of randomness to go with them here. :D

A through F )


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