Saturday, 14 August 2010 13:41
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Ended up not spending that much time at the Scandi Fest - we went early in the day and it was already too hot to really enjoy walking around a lot. So we had a bit of lunch and some strawberry/blackberry swedish pancakes (i.e. crepes). Delicious. Didn't get a necklace this year, but that's okay. Got to see some more of the London pictures - very cool. The royal barns are gorgeous! Pretty blue tile and just spotless. lol.

Kris Allen posted this picture and made me laugh:
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*happy sigh* It's been a fabulous weekend!

Friday night Heather and I went to the informal 20 year reunion at the Scandinavian Festival - we happened to run into T right outside the wine terrace, so we had a familiar face right away! lol. His wife and kids seem really nice! Ran into S very shortly thereafter - so nice to see her after 20 years! It's amazing how different everyone looks, and yet some really look a lot the same. She just dyed her hair red so we're matching at the moment. LOL. We ended up seeing quite a few people from high school there and actually got to visit with some of them. Fun! So it turned out even better than we had expected, which is always a nice bonus. After 90 minutes we had to go get something to eat - we'd planned on returning, but after trying to find a food line that wasn't half a block long and so on, it was getting close to closing time so we ended up not returning to the wine terrace. Oh well, thankfully the people we were connected with the best are still local. ^__^

Saturday was good - we had a bit of a slow start, but it was a decent morning. Took Michael up to the Enchanted Forest because he loved it last year. Unfortunately, his interests have changed some and he didn't ride a single ride this year! So H wasted his ride ticket - last year he wanted to do all the rides multiple times, but this year he got in line for two of them and then wouldn't go on. Other than that and the bees chasing him around at lunch, it was still a good day up there. He still loved the castle at the beginning. lol. We ended up going back to the Scandanavian Festival that evening - then we went for a long walk and found a lot of cans and bottles for H to turn in. lol. Michael begged me to stay another night, and since it was late enough when we got back in that's what I did.

So this morning Michael and I washed my truck. It really, really needed it and Michael got a kick out of it. He even wanted to just sit in it and listen to music. hah. We went back to the Festival for shopping and lunch (hey, it's a two block walk and free! So it's hard to resist. lol.) Got another necklace this year - this one's a coyote tooth! Very pretty and different than anything else I have. *G* Heather ended up getting a couple of goat's milk soaps - one for her mom for christmas and then one Michael insisted on trying at his bath tonight. It's always nice to have an occasional weekend full of visiting, laughing and random things. It's really nice to come home and relax though! LOL.
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Just ignore this entry if you want. I prefer the "cloud" look to the tags, but I hate it that you can't actually read half of them. So I'm going to list all the not-as-loved tags and one itty bitty bit of randomness to go with them here. :D

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