Tuesday, 22 September 2009 21:41
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We got our latest upgrade of our software - 2nd beta version. It's going to be fabulous once we get used to the new layout and look, and know where the heck everything is located now! But today it was just insane working out the little bugs and stuff. Took me an hour to get going this morning simply because part of it had upgraded and yet the main new part looked exactly like the old part! Turns out it was just a resolution screen size thing, but that was really weird. Anyway, some of the changes are totally awesome and will make things a lot easier down the road. Yay!

Last night we went to a hip-hop dance class at the fitness center. It was actually quite a bit of fun!! I loved the warm up moves and music - though I thought if that was the warm up the work out itself would be killer! It was actually pretty nice, but trying to keep track of dance moves even when he teaches them really well and in smaller doses just isn't something I want to focus on after work at this point. I'm going to ask him if he'd mind if I just did the warm up part with the class, and then go use the ellipsis or treadmill while the rest of the family is in the dance class. It's less taxing on the brain and more taxing on the fat. lol.

I'm so very glad the Colts won last night! It was looking like I was only going to get two teams right for the week, but thankfully they won and I actually ended up with six right. Whooo! Hahahah! Crazy week.
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I keep forgetting to post my picks in my journal! Picked these last night. :o)

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I forgot to post last week's picks in my journal, but I did post them to both communities. Not a great week!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 21:19
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I ♥ Bones. So glad that I'm finally watching it. It makes Tuesdays interesting. lol.

I haven't had time to research it yet - does Dancing with the Stars not come out on DVD? My sister hasn't found any when she's looked. That's silly if they don't put it out - I'm sure quite a few fans would buy it! I know I'd buy last year's as I really enjoyed most of the stars.

Gotta work for a few hours tomorrow. Well, I could have not gone in at all but I'm planning on going to Borders tomorrow anyway (i.e. going to town), and I can post payments and send the dictation off so we'll have it when we get back on Monday.

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Saturday, 17 November 2007 19:50
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I'm so glad that I do not live in a big city. While I understand that Portland isn't a large city, it's more than busy enough for me. It took over an hour to travel from the freeway to the airport - both going to the hotel and coming home - and it's really not *that* long a stretch of highway. Regardless, the Friday seminar was very informative and entertaining. Thank goodness he was a lot of fun, since he was the speaker for basically the whole seminar. We learned a lot about technology in the dental/medical office and how the future will be paperless. heh. Or at least chart less. ;D

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Saturday, 3 November 2007 21:17
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It's so very cool to see our new house in, even if it's still not entirely blocked up and visit-able. ;D

Met up with Heather Friday night and we had dinner at BJ's. It was fabulous. One of these times I'll get something other than the chicken-broccoli potato, but not last night. We then went to Trader Joes for some interesting groceries, and Winco for regular groceries.

Then today the family did some running around. Discovered that our PetSmart no longer carries the horse section, which was disappointing. (On a side note, I need to pick up Breyer's Nokota horse right away, as it now retired.) We then went to our local home improvement store and spent quite a while there. Perused the linoleum section to replace the floors in the bathrooms. Checked out lots of other stuff, too, of course. They had a 50% sale on the breast cancer kitchenaid pink items, so I got the twin-pack of griddle pans. Neat!

Came home and watched the Oregon Ducks game. Whooo!! Exciting! It's been such a treat to watch them this year. ^___^

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Thursday, 25 October 2007 21:46
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Last week's picks ended up being pretty good! Fun to win like that. ;D This week doesn't have as many that feel solid for me, but it should be a good week.

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Sunday, 21 October 2007 16:11
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My sister and I stumbled upon MTV playing the 2nd season "So You Think You Can Dance" marathon. That was some pretty fun watching!! I totally enjoyed the first season but didn't have time to watch the next two seasons, so it was neat to see a fair amount of one of the missing seasons. Amazing how talented some people are in dancing!

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Whoo, Monday

Monday, 15 October 2007 18:24
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Mondays are sometimes annoying. this wasn't a terrible one, but just had spots of annoyance.

papa is having one of his hips replaced today. He was told not to eat after midnight and go to the hospital at noon (which already seems excessive, as our office says 8 hours w/no food or drink), and at 4 still hadn't had his surgery. Yikes! Being diabetic and not eating all day is not a good thing. At least he was at the hospital and they could put him on an IV if his sugar crashed, but it's just strange they didn't plan it a bit better in that regard.

Tonight's game is pretty good watching so far! It was a hard one to pick because I actually like the Giants and Falcons. The Falcons haven't been winning so I went with the Giants, and now the Falcons are looking really good right now. Sheesh. Guess I should always vote against them so they'll show me wrong. *G*

Week 6

Saturday, 13 October 2007 09:43
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