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April has been hectic, but beautiful. I'm so far behind in LJ that I'm not going to be able to catch up. :\

My office has new moved to its new location - let me just say, that was a highly intense week. We managed to pack up on a Friday, and then started unpacking that Monday. Thought we'd be doing that without the phones, but OMG, that was not the case. So we were trying to unpack and answer the phone while not knowing where anything is and how to run the new phone system. Ugh!! But we survived, and Tuesday was a lot better. *G* Everything is different, but I think in a couple of weeks we're really going to love it. It's completely gorgeous so that's a huge bonus. :o)

We've had a lot of beautiful days lately, so I'm hoping that if it continues to not rain a lot Nate and I will be able to start hiking up the hill again. At least it's getting close! Looking forward to it. This has been such a strange year weatherwise - we have had frosty mornings pretty recently and have been afraid to plant our veggie garden. but it's almost May!! Want to get it started. Now. lol. I did pick up a double-petunia basket yesterday (it was on sale), so hopefully we'll be able to start the garden here shortly!


Wednesday, 19 September 2007 14:58
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Well thank goodness I was able to leave work a couple of hours early yesterday (yay! love having to use up some of our PTM hours), because this morning we spent working on the carport. We made great strides on it and have almost all of it pulled down. Still need to take out the nails and try to take the big poles apart, but it looks tremendously different. Whew.

We ended up finishing around 10:45, and went to Dixie's Cafe for lunch. Wonderful! I haven't been there for years, but we were all very pleased with our omelettes and biscuits and they were very reasonably priced. Mmm, mmm.

Came home and unloaded all the wood from the truck that we did get loaded. Some really nice pieces. Then went and picked tomatoes - our cherry plants are finally ripe! It's really too bad we got that planted so late in the year, but if the weather holds out we'll still get a decent harvest from them. the sunflowers are looking great! We've had some red and red&yellow ones for a while now, but the yellow ones are just now starting to bloom. Yay!!! The pumpkins are coming along very nicely too. They're sprawling all over the place and quite happy. :)

Starting to get sore. stepped on a nail first thing this morning, and it's not feeling that great. heh.
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This is a great entry from Birdchick - she's been raising bees this summer, and this is the tale of her first bee sting. Scary, but funny!

Speaking of bees, they're thick around here. I'm mostly okay with the honey bees and the bumblebees, but the yellow jackets and other wasps are not fun neighbors. They are all completely in love with the pumpkins and sunflowers right now - I saw one bee that was so covered in pollen that I really couldn't tell if it was a bumblebee or not!! I think it wasn't - it appeared to be smaller, but still fuzzy so it was probably a honey bee. Anyway, other than worrying about stepping on one while watering the garden it was kind of cool seeing them happy. Except for the darn yellow jackets. grr.

So glad tomorrow is Friday. It's seemed like a long week, and each day fairly long. This weekend is going to be another work filled weekend. Oh joy. heh. Well, ultimately it will be joyful so it's okay.

Gardening Tips

Monday, 14 May 2007 18:58
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This is a neat article from MSN on Inexpensively Gardening / Landscaping.

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Yesterday was a very good day. Papa is feeling better - not well yet as he still has pneumonia, but much better overall. Yay!

My mom, sister and I went to Creswell and Cottage Grove - Creswell to visit the Wagon Wheel feed and tack store and Cottage Grove to visit Territorial Seeds. Wagon Wheel is a wonderful store! The first clerk who helped us was very friendly and informative, and they carry lots of good stuff. We got Papa his round bale feeder, Mom got some random stuff, and my sister got a gorgeous headstall and a blue buckle and two Yosemite Sam conchos to go on it. Senor is going to look very handsome in it!

Mom and I went a little crazy at Territorial, so we're going to have some really pretty gardens this year. We both got a few flowers and a lot of veggies. Then when we got home we spent a little over two hours planting. Oh, man. My back and calves were tired by then, but it was all good anyway. Except for the yellowjackets, you know. ;D Grandma has the best luck with hummingbirds and we saw one or two yesterday. I got buzzed by one by a foot or two, oh joy! lol.


Tuesday, 3 April 2007 19:12
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It's been a long day. Turned out to be a pretty good day, but a bit hectic. Had a 'surprise' fire drill at 12:30 so I had a super short and rushed lunch (pretty bad when it's a surprise for the committee members, too, isn't it!?). My housemate was home sick today, so at least I didn't have to worry about coming home and letting the dogs out today during lunch. Whew.

I'm getting my taxes done tomorrow. Yay! My friend was surprised that I waited this long, but man...this is actually WAY better than I normally do. Maybe next year I'll actually get it done in Feb or March. (We don't normally get our W-2's until late January anyway.) :)

Yesterday I clipped all the major dead spots in my garden (the hollyhock stalks, the lamb's ear stalks - those are spiky!!, dead petunia bits and so on. It's amazing how much nicer it looks already, even though most everything isn't blooming yet. I have had a couple of daffodils that came up this year, and so far one lovely red tulip. This makes me so happy!

Photo: Early Garden

Wednesday, 21 June 2006 11:40
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That's a picture from mid May showing my new garden box and the very first stages of growth. That teepee will soon have pumpkins growing up it! Currently it has radishes and carrots in it. To the left is the oregano, red lettuce, tomato plant and way in the back is the cauliflower. I hadn't realized how much the cauliflower had grown because it's so much smaller than my mom's and heather's, but it's actually grown a lot. Yay for photos! Anyway, to the right is the zinnia and the carnation plants. Further right is where I planted more zinnias and the sunflowers.

Hope to have updated photos soon. I think I had some of the pumpkins on the roll I just turned in. Should take new ones now, with all the new plants as well. Surprise, surprise--I have a black calla lily! I don't even remember buying it. ^___^


Wednesday, 26 April 2006 19:20
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Short version: It took me three hours, but I got the raised bed all planted and more flowers planted along the side of the house, and then front and back watered. Sheesh.

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The raised bed garden box has been constructed. It is quite beautiful - redwood and all. Smells nice right now, too! Family is wonderful. Mom and I discovered that while garbage cans are great for hauling soil, it's much too heavy when full. So we had three cans half-full of soil...and the box isn't half full. So, probably two more trips are necessary. Oh, good lord. Will do one tomorrow, and the other...well, we'll see. Picked up some bird netting so the cats should stay away from all that lovely dirt. Plus, it will keep the birds away from the veggies once they've started growing.

Got TCBY peanut butter shakes for a treat for Papa for helping with the box. They're an old favorite that we haven't gotten in ages. So, that was a wonderful end of day treat.

Oh! On the way back out to the ranch, I saw a red shouldered blackbird! OMG, so cool! I've seen them in Michigan before and knew they were in the area, but never have I seen one here. Craziest thing - there's one small patch of cat tails in a sheep pasture, and he was balancing on them singing his little heart out or something. The little red patches were even standing up. SO cool!

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Saturday, 22 April 2006 10:09
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How do you keep the neighborhood cats from coming to your garden to do their business? I'm starting to fill up the empty spots with flowers, but budget demands that I do it piecemeal, plus many flowers expand so I don't want to plant them too close to each other. Just irritating to find all this cat poop in with your flowers. Can't be good for them. It seems that the far end is where they go more often and those flowers have a harder time of it than the closer ones. Last year that was the pattern anyway.

My blister hasn't healed up from Wednesday yet, so I disappointed my dog and did not take him for a walk this morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for that.

Strangers in Paradise is on the last 9 issues. *wails* My sister has a number of trade paperbacks and we have the rest of the issues as singles, but I wanted it to be the never-ending story because it's so fabulous and heartbreaking and real. Alas, not to be.

I'm not sure I like the DC 1 Year Later thing. Is this a total reset or just a few issues type of reset? Eh. We'll see, but two issues into it I'm not that fond of the concept.


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