Thursday, 8 July 2010 20:04
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Short work weeks can be wonderful things, especially when they're hot. I'm not entirely complaining about the heat because summer didn't even try to arrive until a week or so ago, but high 80's and 90's are not my cup of tea. lol.

Made a "quick" trip to the post office today--the main intersection over there is still under construction! So we're supposed to treat it like a stop sign intersection. Shockingly, the few times I've been through it people are pretty good about taking turns. Better than some intersections that are always just stop signs. My package hadn't arrived yet, but at least I picked up my mail and sent off some photos.

Last night I couldn't get the polish to come off of my toenails, so wish me luck for tonight. Stopped and got some new remover at the store this morning so hopefully it's just a case of what I had on hand not being strong enough or too old or something. Cuz it's starting to look really bad and it's sandal season. ;D

While I was there in the makeup section, I just happened to pick up some fun creme shadows and glittery mascara. (Forgot to put on makeup before work! Ack!) Will have to give the creme shadows another try, because today they kind of caked into the creases and that's not cool. Will try the primer and maybe a cooler day and see if that works out better. The glitter mascara is awesome, but not much color to it so I'll layer it over black/brown mascara next time. So much fun!

Bird sighting!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010 20:18
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Went outside this afternoon to feed the steers, and totally got distracted by a yellow-headed blackbird! SO COOL!! He was about ten feet into the field and just hanging out in a flattened spot in the grass. Didn't realize they had a little white spot on their wings until seeing him, and this picture proves that I just wasn't paying attention. haha! I actually didn't think we had any in this area, because I only ever see the red-winged blackbirds around here. Until now! I think this is actually the 2nd one I've seen in recent weeks, but the other one seemed more greenish tinged than bright yellow.

Mom and I went shopping yesterday and it was great fun to go out for something other than groceries and the like! LOL. She got some really cool and comfy tennis shoes for work and a rain jacket. I picked up some pretty shirts and a gorgeous dress for work, and some "superglass" MAC lipstick that is just fun and beautiful! Got the "Fab Frenzy" shade, which is purple and glittery and sooooo much fun!
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Can you believe this month is almost over? It feels like it just started in some ways.

We've had rain, rain and more rain. I'm excited to wear my new shoes to work, but am much less excited about walking in the mud with them. LOL. So I'll either have to wait or change in the truck before actually going to work. We'll see. It's supposedly not going to rain Tu/Wed, so maybe it'll clear up enough to wear them at the end of the week.

Went all girly this month and restocked some makeup items, and bought a gorgeous lacy looking train case for them. So much fun! While it's nice to not have to wear makeup all the time, it's also fun to enjoy it when you do. ^__^

Anyway, better wrap up and get ready to return to work.
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I was wordier than I thought! This is actually kind of fun.

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