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A wonderful article about a woman and her incredible horse. A great partnership! And a very good dose of perspective on our daily trials. ;o)


Saturday, 9 October 2010 10:30
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It's supposed to rain this weekend. Feeling a bit like Eeyore at the moment. lol. It'll pass. Got Monte Pittman's The Deepest Dark album in the mail last night when I got home, so I'm looking forward to hearing it!

Thursday night I almost got in a car accident, but thankfully nothing happened. Someone in the lane to the right of me put on their blinker to come left, but there wasn't room for them to come over so I sped up to get out of their way - almost instantly they started coming over, but managed to stop in time. It felt so freaking close I'm amazed we didn't hit. WHEW.

Last night, Heather and I met at Olive Garden for dinner. We wanted popcorn with the movie, so we just had appetizers for dinner which worked out really well. I tried their new mozzarella fondue thing and it was delicious!! She had calamari, mushrooms and ravioli, and then we shared the Black Tie cheesecake. OMG, GOOD!

Normally we both tend to avoid opening night for movies, but we couldn't resist Secretariat. It wasn't too crazy all things considered. We got there super early anyway. It's kind of nice that they run the previews for shows and stuff - it's a much nicer way to kill 30 minutes rather than watching the same five slides over and over again. *G* We want to see Tangled and...the runaway train movie. Looks intensely suspenseful but awesome. Anyway, Secretariat was really wonderful. You never know how horse movies are going to turn out, but they did a fabulous job with it and it was very entertaining. It's on my 'to buy' list when it comes out.

Ebert did an excellent review of it - going to copy and paste because I worry about sites deleting stuff. lol.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010 07:51
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I hadn't seen the Sleepwalker performance on Jay Leno before, so this entry has it available. Very nice!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Went home and planned on hiking, but instead rode horses with my sister. We ended up helping my uncle with the new cattle so they could learn the routine in a calm manner instead of all rush-rush today. It's really nice to have new cattle that aren't super flighty and looking to escape all the time. Nate had a great time even though he had to be tied up when we were working with the cattle. He gets tunnel hearing really badly. lol. Checkers is really nice around cattle - pays attention but doesn't get all wired.

Picked up some flowers and a card for Heather. Not much but at least it's something nice to come home to after being on a fabulous vacation. *G*
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Wow! A vacation sure does a body good! ^__^

Part of the family went on a trip to Eastern Oregon this week - my grandfather has been talking about the round barn that was built over 100 years ago, and how interesting it was that this rancher had decided to build a round barn for breaking in his draft horses and such. So we finally got organized and went to see it! With the added bonus of seeing part of the Malheur Wildlife preserve and possibly the Steens Mountains (home of the Kiger Mustangs, you know!).

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Wow! A vacation sure does a body good! ^__^

Part of the family went on a trip to Eastern Oregon this week - my grandfather has been talking about the round barn that was built over 100 years ago, and how interesting it was that this rancher had decided to build a round barn for breaking in his draft horses and such. So we finally got organized and went to see it! With the added bonus of seeing part of the Malheur Wildlife preserve and possibly the Steens Mountains (home of the Kiger Mustangs, you know!).

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Last night, we went to Knights of the Realm at the Fairgrounds. Which, in itself, is kind of odd because the fairgrounds haven't been all that equine friendly for a few years! Regardless, the show was there and we were interested to see what it was all about.

Turned out to be a lot of fun! They started out with just introducing all the knights, the king and so on. Brought out a gorgeous, GORGEOUS grey Andalusian who showed off some pretty moves and was just really incredible. Utterly beautiful. Then they brought the knights back out for some mounted games (big & small rings, spear the hay bales, etc) - great fun to watch! Our section was the bad guy section, of course. LOL. One of the other knights was on a huge black horse - not sure what breed that one was, but it almost looked like it might have been a Warlander - had the long back and friesian head, but no feathers and not the huge mane & tail of a Friesian. Anyway, neat horse regardless. The red and yellow knight was on a spanish horse and the others were on quarter horses or paints. They were all really awesome.

After the games, they proceeded with the jousting. The first pair was the green knight and the templiers (templars? They had a cross, but he pronounced it like temp-lee-ars?), so I was watching them since we were in 'their' section. All of a sudden I realize the green knight has fallen off his horse and is rolling madly! Turns out it was just part of the show, but I didn't know at first and was confused if we should be worried or cheering on our guy. lol. Anyway, after he was unhorsed, they proceeded on with fighting with weapons. Pretty awesome fighters! And when they would both have the swords, you could see actual sparks fly! Three feet! LOL. It makes sense with all that steel, but I'd never thought about it before and don't recall seeing it in any movies. Anyway, it was actually a bit distracting but really cool. They kind of followed that formula through all the pairs, and then had a huge war (well, four vs four) at the end after the "other" bad guys showed up.

Anyway, you know how these go - a little contrived, but still a whole lot of fun. I'm definitely glad we went and enjoyed the show and the beautiful horses a lot. ^__^


Saturday, 28 March 2009 18:38
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Managed to drop off the roll of film last weekend, only to discover that it wasn't the roll with the horse pictures on it. That roll was still IN the camera. So I get to do it all over again. Wouldn't be so bad if the film developing area wasn't clear in the back of the store. May have to go to the one by work instead, it might be worth the extra $1 or whatever.

Wisdom is eating well and looking really good, but he's been very stumble-footed lately. Think the plan is for me to ride Copper instead tomorrow, and we'll consider if it's time to give Wisdom back to his owners. He's been an absolute sweetheart and helped me become more comfortable riding again, but it may be time for him to truly retire. Copper is in his 20's too, but we think it's the low end rather than the high end. ;D

Picked up the "Best Hikes with Dogs - Oregon" book yesterday, and it looks really promising. It has a lot of super cute pictures and maps/descriptions of trails, so I think we'll have some fun this summer! It'll be really nice to walk places other than the paved walk/bike path, even if you get to see really neat birds along it. hah.

Work has been brutally intense lately, but it ended on a good note yesterday. Actually had a bit of breathing room near the end of the day and managed to clear out some binders and one of my bulletin boards in preparation for the move. Our new office has quite beautiful wood cupboards and such, so will have to have less "stuff" visible. Need to save up for one of those digital picture frames so I can still have photos without taking up a lot of space.
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Just outside of Sydney, Australia there is a 'traveling restaurant' named Clydesdales. Kind of a cool way to explore the town! Definitely an unusual eating experience. *G*
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Found a neat little ad in the June Horse Illustrated magazine that talks about Norwegian Dole Horses - the first in America. Very cool! I absolutely adore their dun mare. So pretty!


That issue also had a neat little write up on an Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge that's going to be aired on Wide World of Horses. Trainers will have roughly three months to meet and train their mustangs, and then demonstrate their skills in September. Then they horses will be up for adoption! Too cool.

Some more info on the Mustang Heritage Foundation site and info on the show itself here. Looks like the Wide World of Horses is a weekly show on RFD-TV. According to the second site, it currently airs on RFD-TV at 3:30 and 9:30 pm CST every Monday and on Tuesday morning at 7 am. (Or 12:30 and 6:30 Mon and 4 am Tues PST). Hmmm. Wish I had RFD-TV! I'll have to see if Heather still does, or if she lost it when she dropped to the basic package.

Anyway, something to look forward to later this summer and fall. I've always been intrigued by mustangs, and it would be cool to see the training process in action.


Sunday, 6 May 2007 12:26
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Yesterday's Kentucky Derby was fantastic to watch! We actually were all rooting for Street Sense, even though it seems fairly rare that your favorite actually wins. *G* We enjoyed the story of his trainer (the first Derby he won, with Unbridled I believe, was for that 92 year old lady and it was just such a cool win!) and liked the look of Street Sense. So it was absolutely wonderful to see him win, especially seeing how he manuevered from 19th to first and made it look pretty darn easy. *happy dancing*

A few more photos here. Street Sense, Hard Spun and pony horse Chopper are the only equines pictured.

Otherwise, it's been a good weekend so far. We picked up some burgandy lamb tips at Trader Joe's last night and had them for dinner, along with mashed potatoes with goat cheese. Mmmm. It was all delicious! Today I got to ride Jeffrey a bit early in the morning, then used Mom's new camcorder to tape the first two rounds. It's a neat little camera! Hopefully I did okay with the recording. lol. Poor Nate was super sore this morning, but it was kind of nice for him not to be caterwauling all morning with excitement. ^___^


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