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The above site was featured in the recent "Rabbits" magazine - thought I'd check it out since she enjoyed birds and bunnies. OMG. The pictures and captions are priceless! This is page 2 - I love the one a few down where Cinnamon says "Someone two blocks away is in dire need of disapproval!" LOL. All the bunnies seem to be pretty good at those disapproving looks, but that one is priceless. Though the last one on page 2 makes me want to die laughing. ^___^

I wish I knew what our second bunny was - our first one was the Dutch rabbit that my sister won at a rodeo scramble. Our second one adopted us - he was a large black rabbit and very velvety. There are quite a few bunnies that are commonly called "velveteen" (i.e. Rex) or "satin" but neither of those breeds are as solid and compact as he was. Maybe he was a cross, as they have quite a few crosses pictured in the magazine I picked up. Whatever, he was beautiful!

Flemish Giants

Sunday, 22 April 2007 09:14
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Flemish Giants are a huuuuge breed of rabbits. We had a few bucks when we were raising rabbits, and maybe a couple of does. All of ours were just plain white, but they apparently come in all sorts of colors too.

Check out the rabbit that is the SAME size as the dog about halfway down the page!

Hmm. This Farm has a little blurb on the Flemish Giants and a pretty picture. They also have lots of rare sheep (neat!), some pigs, chickens and cattle. But, I'm a little bit concerned about their Longhorn description as it describes them as 'docile' and having a great nature. They're in England, perhaps there are two types of Longhorns? Because our longhorns tend to be a bit wild and flighty, though they are great mothers. *G* The one pictured doesn't look like the longhorns I've seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Herman, the Giant Bunny. This picture makes him look far larger than either 17 or 22 pounds!

This site lists a few rabbit breeds, but also has some chickens and ducks.

These irises grow wild up on the hill. This is from last year, though this about the time they usually bloom.
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OMG. The most adorable bunnies you could ever hope for are in the above link. They even have some pics of "Bambi" and "Thumper" as well. Some of the *tiniest* bunnies even!

So much fun!


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