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[livejournal.com profile] mithrigil has posted a collection of the most delicious sounding batch of Final Fantasy related recipes. Mmm, mmm. Be sure to check out the photo links, too, especially that first one. It went from "eh, that sounds like a lot of work" to "OMG it looks like it would be worth it" for me, anyway. ^___^

Knitting class this morning went really well. The instructor was much nicer than she sounded the first time I talked to her, and I now understand the basics of knitting. It's still very awkward, but I expect that to improve with practice. And at least now I know what the books are trying to tell me about knitting and purling. ;D My first project is going to be a tiny baby throw (smaller than an actual blanket, more just a cover up for the car seat type of thing) for my coworker. If it turns out well, anyway. If it doesn't it will be a very pretty colored covering for one of my bookshelves. lol. A backup plan is always a good thing, y'know.

Isn't it weird how sometimes you get frimps with BPAL oils and you end up liking the frimps even better than the ones you wanted in the first place? Omen and Tushnamatay are like that for me, and even Rapture is pretty darn yummy for a rose scent. (What I mean to say is I'm picky about my florals and have found relatively few that I adore--but those that I do adore, I like a lot.)


Tuesday, 15 May 2007 18:02
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Okay, I'm in no way shape or form raising any livestock at the moment. But, if I was, this is interesting. LOL. You can keep records of your sheep (they also have them for goats, cattle, and wildlife!) individually, and also your profits and losses overall. Kind of neat! So I figure I'll keep this link for the future should we decide to raise purebred livestock. ^___^

In other news, today was much smoother than yesterday. We have sunshine as well! Yay. I signed up for the Introduction to Knitting class on June 6th. Hopefully the lady is a lot nicer in person than she was on the phone. heh. Oh well, it's just the one class. (Hopefully I can pick it up in one morning!)

Blech, Monday

Monday, 14 May 2007 18:30
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This has been one of the more hectic Mondays in recent memory. Partly because I haven't been home this weekend for the most part (and was tired), but mostly because the phone was just ringing off the hook.

It sounds like The Knit Shop offers a First Time Only session for absolute beginners - come in one day before opening and knit until you're comfortable. Hmmm. Okay, sounds interesting. Hopefully the days are flexible, then I'll just pick a Wednesday and not have to ask for time off of work to learn knitting. *G* Hopefully (II) they'll also be willing to teach a simple crochet stitch, as the potholders (that look like a very simple pattern) have a crochet edge. Yay for new hobbies. ^___^

Just letting my friends know I'm terribly behind on LJ. My computer currently sounds like it's absolutely dying (but I think it's just the fan), so I may or may not get caught up before Wednesday. I'll get caught up by then at the latest IF my computer stays alive despite its groaning. ;D


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