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Tuesday, 9 October 2007 15:56
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Laylah is incredibly clingy when we get home. She's currently stretched out on my shins, which does make them quite warm. However, she's getting heavy enough that it hurts if I'm not careful to keep them straight! I got her a 'play cavern scratcher' the other day, and she loves it. Pretty sure that she's cut down on scratching on the couch, which is a good thing.

The cattle that my grandpa has are incredibly fond of garden scraps. They started out enjoying the brocolli and lettuce, and have progressed to loving corn cobs and even tomatoes. lol. They followed me out to the blackberries this afternoon, though they weren't impressed with the single berries I'd toss them. LOL. It is rather an odd feeling to turn around and see six cattle bounding down the hill at you, especially with their fat little bellies bouncing around. Whenever I finally get a chance to develop my photos, I'll share pics of some of them. :o)

When we were in portland the other day we noticed that the pretzel shop (which made excellent cinnamon & sugar pretzels) also had pretzel hot dogs. I'd already ordered and wanted to try those next time we go up north. Anyway, I went to the mall after work today to see if I could find a jacket for work that fit better, and discovered that our pretzel shop also makes pretzel dogs. This looked possibly even better than up in portland, because the pretzel dough was super soft and it was absolutely delicious. Mmmm, mmm. Lunch was really good today! Plan on making blackberry crepe-type-pancakes tonight or tomorrow if I can find my bisquick dough. I cannot WAIT until the house moves in and everything is in one place!

Speaking of the house, we are scheduled to have the house taken apart on thurs and moved on friday - but then yesterday mom found out that the county said it's not legal yet. WTF?! So mom's speaking with R, whose business partner supposedly took care of that over a month ago. We're hoping it's just a glitch with the county because it needs to be moved this week or next at the latest. It's starting to rain more often and it will be difficult to get it moved any later than that. *sigh* Moving really sucks sometimes.


Saturday, 15 September 2007 08:45
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I've been watching BBC's How Clean Is Your House? lately and just learned a very disturbing fact. They said that mice don't have bladders and so that's why they pee all over the place. Ack. She's got mice poop all over the kitchen. Disgusting. They also just said that a mouse can fit through a hole the thickness of a pencil. That's amazing. If rather creepy. *G*

It's amazing how heavy a little cat can be - she's decided her new favorite place to sit is right on your chest (which is nicer for typing!), but it's a bit harder to breathe sometimes. lol.


Friday, 31 August 2007 21:34
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So glad it's finally Friday! The week has been pretty good. Ending most excellently - had a nice evening as far as riding went. Even cantered a bit with Jeffrey. And now McNab has deigned to not only say hi, but sit on my lap!! Amazing. The computer has wonderful magnetic qualities for kitties apparently, as Laylah hangs out with whoever is online at the time as well. >^,,^<

Tomorrow Heather and I will be going to the State Fair. Originally it was going to be me, Heather and Mom meeting up wtih her folks, but it may end up being just us. Should still be fun. We're looking forward to watching the horse show (should be saddlebreds and drafters, not sure what else this final weekend), and checking out the cattle, sheep and chickens. In addition to fun food and her calligraphy demo in the evening.

Behind again on friends, but hope to get caught up this weekend. Sorry for the delay in comments!


Monday, 27 August 2007 15:56
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We didn't have any doctors in today, so I ended up taking the afternoon off. I went and saw Stardust this afternoon - it was fantastic! I enjoyed it greatly. At first I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy Yvaine, but she turned out to be pretty cool. It's going on my Must Buy When it Comes Out list. ;D Once we actually finish moving and I can unpack my books, I should reread Stardust, as it's been years and I couldn't remember much of anything that was going to happen.

Strange thing happened on the drive home - these kids driving in the other lane yelled 'hey' or something, then smiled and waved. LOL. I didn't recognize them, so I guess it was just a random thing. Amazing little pick-me-up though!

Hahah. Laylah didn't realize that anyone could run the dreaded Water Bottle. So far my sister's been the only one to use it. Thankfully she knows it means not to do what she's doing, so I didn't have to spray her today. She's very persistent but mostly she's a very good kitty. ^___^


Saturday, 11 August 2007 08:24
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Interesting to see what outside articles are saying about LJ:

Dehlia is doing great so far. She does not possess a great deal of fear! She was enjoying what scenery she could see from the truck on the way home, and then has explored the house from top to bottom already. She does hiss at Nate, but then will turn around and run underneath of him. She's a little daredevil. *G*

So far she hasn't eaten or used the litter box, but hopefully today she'll settle down and eat. Right now she's curled up on my leg, which does make typing rather an adventure. hehe. She has a beautiful little purr, too. Yay!!!


Thursday, 9 August 2007 20:56
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The grocery store didn't have the usual selection of cat / small dog beds, so after grocery shopping we made a quick run to Target. ♥

Dehlia (I'll just call her that and decide over the weekend if that's the name that will stick) will come home to a lovely little cat house, a princess food dish and another toy that has a fabric "string" like the one she has currently, though this one also makes chirpy bird noises. Hopefully she'll be okay with it, if not I'll try to take the battery out. Anyway, my sister says she's going to be spoiled. hehe. Yeah, probably. lol.

So glad tomorrow is Friday. We have no doctors working tomorrow, so we actually get to wear jeans. YAY!!! Though we have a 4 hour CPR class in the morning. Ugh. Oh well. Hopefully it'll go faster than that, as we have a lot of people off tomorrow.


Wednesday, 8 August 2007 14:41
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Well, it's official. On Friday a new kitty will be coming home with me! She is an absolute cutie. Reminds me of my grandma's kitty, Socks. I haven't decided on her name for sure (and won't until she's been home for a bit) but I am leaning towards Dehlia. Goes well with McNab. ;D

LJ's doing it again. They've deleted [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121, which royally sucks. Her artwork is incredibly gorgeous and very little of it underage, though that is the official reason for her journal being suspended without recourse. I do not want to spend the time on reading some 5000 comments on the latest lj biz entry, but there is an interesting thread on pro-anorexia communities being allowed when fictional art depictions are not and a lovely and well thought out post.

Ok, got sucked into it a little bit. But I'm quitting soon. lol.
http://erestor.livejournal.com/402760.html - another well thought out post, and how it's obviously not just about fanart.

Not only does the journal get deleted, but so does every comment they've made in other people's journals or communities. Unbelievable.


On another note, I am watching the first season of Criminal Minds. Amazing show and wonderful actors, though some of the episodes are particularly disturbing. I have found one that is as disturbing to me as the fanny packers episode of CSI. People really are awful to each other some times. :\


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