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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 08:29
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Ack! Scary movies are so damn...scary. lol. For the most part this one (wrong turn) doesn't show toooooo much gore, but definitely ramps up the suspense and shows just enoug gore to be truly shudder inducing. OMG, the skinny one is freaky!! Eliza plays one tough chick and I like the med student.

We have a delay in moving the house. Did I mention that last entry? I can't remember. D told us months ago that everything was ready, no papers needed signing. Now some papers need to be signed before we can get the permit to be on the road with the house. And he's got some 'major deals' with Saudi Arabia that he's working on and really doesn't 'have time' for this. OMG!? Fucking pisses me off when people lie to you (months ago!) and don't want to make it right in the end. If he won't return M's calls today she's going to see if we can start the paperwork over direct from the county. we're starting to get freaked out about timing, since they're going to have to go out onto the non-graveled part to get the house in and it's sporadically raining now that it's October. Ugh. Makes me sick, especially since we were scheduled to move it this week. :\


Monday, 27 August 2007 15:56
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We didn't have any doctors in today, so I ended up taking the afternoon off. I went and saw Stardust this afternoon - it was fantastic! I enjoyed it greatly. At first I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy Yvaine, but she turned out to be pretty cool. It's going on my Must Buy When it Comes Out list. ;D Once we actually finish moving and I can unpack my books, I should reread Stardust, as it's been years and I couldn't remember much of anything that was going to happen.

Strange thing happened on the drive home - these kids driving in the other lane yelled 'hey' or something, then smiled and waved. LOL. I didn't recognize them, so I guess it was just a random thing. Amazing little pick-me-up though!

Hahah. Laylah didn't realize that anyone could run the dreaded Water Bottle. So far my sister's been the only one to use it. Thankfully she knows it means not to do what she's doing, so I didn't have to spray her today. She's very persistent but mostly she's a very good kitty. ^___^
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I was wordier than I thought! This is actually kind of fun.

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That is an absolutely intriguing bit of fanfic for the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf. It's basically some excerpts from Fronsac's journal about his journey to New France and how he met Mani, and how their relationship developed. Don't read if you're totally anti-slash, but it's not at all explicit in that area. Very cool idea for pre-movie things. I really must watch the movie again, because the first time was kind of confusing and scary even if it was utterly fascinating. I love the angle of how the title came about, because I always assumed it had something to do with the 'werewolf/beast' thing, but this actually makes more sense. Now watch, it was in the movie and I just missed it. *G*

Verizon has really nice customer service. It was way more complicated to change my credit card and update the auto pay than it seemed like it should have been, but he was super nice and we finally got an answer as to why it was so difficult after he spoke with his supervisor. So now, all is good. Yay!
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It's been a movie kind of weekend. Yesterday I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Awesome! I'm glad that the cursed pirates were not always in icky-form because they were very scary and that was a huge reason that I didn't go see it in the theatre alone. lol. Very good action movie with lots of humor. :o)

My housemate has netflix and so gets new movies every week or so. Last night I watched an animated one that she'd heard was really good - The Triplets of Belleville. Very bizarre, yet very charming. I loved Bruno the dog, and the musical aspect to the film. There's next to no words, which was off-putting at first but fine by the end of the movie. Since there are no words, this really isn't a movie you can put on while you're doing something else, but it was enjoyable.

Then this morning I watched Walk the Line. Oh, most excellent. I actually didn't know that much about Johnny Cash's early career other than vague stuff, so it was new in that sense. Joaquin did an excellent job as Johnny (tiny quibble with not sounding exactly like him in the songs, but really, who would?! so that's okay) and Reese was AMAZING as June. Absolutely radiant. Lots of tears and laughter all around.

Today was also 'let's make chocolate dessert' day - made chocolate bombs and cracker candy. YUM, yum. Delicious.


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