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Good news - did not wake up this morning with a cold! Yay! Guess that means it's allergies acting up. Yesterday started out with a blinding/thudding type of headache that finally dulled down to a dull roar for the day, but it's completely gone today. Thank goodness!

Took Nate into town - made him wait at the tack store (no Nokota model in stock, darnit) and the gas station. The guy in front of me was funny - he kept staring at me and sorta smiling, then he came over to say that he was SO glad that I let the attendant pump my gas. LOL. He's from B.C. and didn't realize that Oregon isn't a self-service state.

Then took Nate to Suds Em Yourself - they've changed things a bit so it took me a while to figure out where everything was, but the bath itself went great. Nate feels like a silky dog now! The attendant gave me the Blue Shampoo to get Nate's white spots really white. That won't last long, but he's quite shiny at the moment. ;D

We had a site inspector come out today - rather strange person. He didn't want to talk to me when I went out, and I wasn't going to hang around for who knows how long being ignored, so I just let him do his thing. Whatever. I'm not sure where the confusion came in, because we requested a Site & Placement inspection - he said that the electricity, plumbing, dryer vent and something else needs to be done still before he can sign off. Duh, but that's not part of the Site & Placement inspection. Oh well, guess it's ok to start on those parts then.


Monday, 9 April 2007 20:13
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New photos of Nate. He was shedding like crazy in these, though!

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Thursday, 15 February 2007 20:07
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I hate being disorganized - I was going through the rest of the books that I picked up from the used book store when I was petsitting in November, and found a check from my grandmother in there for one of the oils I bought for her. *sigh* I'm thinking it's nearing the limit of what banks like to cash, so I may have to ask her to re-write it, or at least update the date and initial it. I don't know. Scatterbained.

It's amazing how the simple things can please you so much - the managers all went to the Kodak seminar last month to learn more about our office software. After five or so years, we FINALLY know how to add text to the "remarks/comments" section of the electronic claims! WHOOOHOOOO! We don't have to drop it to paper anymore just to say "2nd mailing" or whatever minor stuff it is they need to know. *happy dancing* Also, I'm feeling way more comfortable with posting payments - I'm balancing the first time through more consistently and it's not going at a turtle's pace anymore. Yay! I'm also grateful that despite feeling a little grumpy with people in general and very tired by the end of the day, it actually was a good day and I managed to whittle out quite a few of the problem things that have been hanging around. Happy February. :o)

I felt bad at lunch - when I got home I noticed that there was a big black dog over at the neighbor's across the street. I was watching him while my lunch was heating up, and he wandered from the one house to the one next to it - didn't exactly look like he belonged, you know? Plus I've not seen him before. Anyway, I grabbed a dog biscuit and went out to see if I could get him close enough to see if he had any tags - he looked nervous and a bit scared, but he did come over. Unfortunately he just had on a rabies tag. There were some workmen over by the house where I first saw the dog so I tried to get him to go with me to see if they were his people - they said no, and the dog at that point took off trotting down our street. :( I suppose I should have called animal control at that point, but I didn't because it'd be sad if he really was a neighborhood dog and they were just around the corner. In talking with my housemate after lunch, I've decided the next time that I will call animal control (for safety reasons) or even the vet down the road. Possibly they could have tracked the rabies tag and found the owner. But as nervous as the dog was I don't think I could have gotten him to the vet's. *sigh* We're thinking positive and that he just went down the street to home. He looked well taken care of so it's likely. :\

My housemate also said that probably her vet could scan Nate's microchip. That's cool. I'll have to see if they can do that, or even if Nate's vet could do that next time I take him in. He had a microchip put in when I adopted him from the shelter, but with all the wrestling he and Rocky did that first year the tag with it's number on it was destroyed. So I can't update our address, as I'm sure it's got the rental's address on it. Unless I put on my grandparent's address, but I just can't remember. Anyway, I want to get it updated, since it's silly to actually have a microchip in your dog and have it possibly not HELP. So, yeah. Plus, I think I need to update Nate's dog tag. Last time I checked it was starting to get beat up. (Uhm, not that he wears his collar in the house...so I guess we'd best continue making sure the doors are well locked, eh?)


Sunday, 17 December 2006 07:34
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Dogster has added a cute new 'badge' feature:


(Err. Does anyone else see Nate's photo there? Because I don't! Oh well. *G*)

Natey turns 7 today! ^,,^


Tuesday, 7 March 2006 18:12
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Here's an old photo of Nate, when we were still at the rental. Here he is on the porch, being intent on something. ;D

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Nate update

Sunday, 26 June 2005 11:02
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The doctor said that Nate's lesion did come back as a low-grade cancer, but the margins were clear. So that means that he should be fine, just need to watch out for any recurrence. Whew. Glad I had the surgery done though!

His healing is coming along well. I'm hoping the incision will be completely healed by next weekend. We did go for short walks yesterday and today, and he handled those great (better than I did!). He was ecstatic this weekend--squirrels ALL over the place. We saw a woodpecker this morning, too. Wonderful.


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