Sunday, 15 August 2010 11:21
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Managed to wake up early this morning - grabbed a quick breakfast and then took the dogs for a hike. You wouldn't think skipping hiking/walking for two weeks would put you back so far, but OMG, it was hard this morning. I'm going to blame it on actually wearing jeans instead of shorts. LOL.

It was actually a really good morning. I had planned on going the old route and making it clear up to the old gravel road, but someone's got a fence up now before you get that far. Thought about going around it, but I wasn't sure if it was the people with the stud and he might be loose up there or what, so didn't want to risk that today. Oh well, there's still plenty of other options for now.

I did get to see a beautiful buck in velvet - so pretty!! We heard him crashing around and the dogs went right, but I happened to look left and he was RIGHT there. So we both froze and stared at each other for a minute. Sweet. He ran off when the dogs started coming back.

It's going to be hot again today. Ugh.


Saturday, 28 March 2009 18:38
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Managed to drop off the roll of film last weekend, only to discover that it wasn't the roll with the horse pictures on it. That roll was still IN the camera. So I get to do it all over again. Wouldn't be so bad if the film developing area wasn't clear in the back of the store. May have to go to the one by work instead, it might be worth the extra $1 or whatever.

Wisdom is eating well and looking really good, but he's been very stumble-footed lately. Think the plan is for me to ride Copper instead tomorrow, and we'll consider if it's time to give Wisdom back to his owners. He's been an absolute sweetheart and helped me become more comfortable riding again, but it may be time for him to truly retire. Copper is in his 20's too, but we think it's the low end rather than the high end. ;D

Picked up the "Best Hikes with Dogs - Oregon" book yesterday, and it looks really promising. It has a lot of super cute pictures and maps/descriptions of trails, so I think we'll have some fun this summer! It'll be really nice to walk places other than the paved walk/bike path, even if you get to see really neat birds along it. hah.

Work has been brutally intense lately, but it ended on a good note yesterday. Actually had a bit of breathing room near the end of the day and managed to clear out some binders and one of my bulletin boards in preparation for the move. Our new office has quite beautiful wood cupboards and such, so will have to have less "stuff" visible. Need to save up for one of those digital picture frames so I can still have photos without taking up a lot of space.


Wednesday, 22 August 2007 10:20
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It begins to look like I may continue to use LJ for keeping up with non-fannish friends, and start following fandom over here. So far the majority of my favorite authors are heading this way, anyway. Now to start adding them one by one. Ack.

Ballet parking. lol. Cracks me up every time I see that commercial.

Mm, anyway. The walk last night went really well - we actually did get to walk the dogs instead of just stand around waiting for the kid to stop perusing a certain spot. There are a ton of geese (mostly Canadian geese but a couple domestics plus a couple ducks) on the cemetary grounds, and Baby goes completely insane when she sees or smells them. Nate thinks they're cool, but doesn't even try to chase them. thought he was going to jump in the pond last night, but apparently he was just trying to reach the feather at the edge of the bank. (Weird!)

Tomorrow night Heather and I will be driving up to Salem for the awards ceremony. Both of her calligraphy pieces were accepted to the Juried class. YAY!! I can't wait to see how they do. I'm completely biased, of course, but I think they're simply beautiful. :o)


Monday, 16 July 2007 16:01
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I'm getting to the point in packing where there's a "random" notation on most of the boxes (i.e. books, picture frames, random) because I've gotten most of the room packed. I can't do my dvd's or cd's yet (I'm afraid they might melt because the garage does get hot), or my essential oils/candles. The inbetween stage feels weird.

A very glowing review of the Dyson Animal vacuum. I've wanted one for a year but haven't wanted to spend the money on it - didn't realize that Bed Bath & Beyond carries them and you can use the 20% coupon on them! NICE. Of course, now I'm not sure that I want to buy one because we'll have a non-carpet floor in the new house, but it would still be good on throw rugs and furniture. Will have to think about it for the future, but it's so nice to see that it's not just hype. ^___^

This weekend was quite busy and nice. Saturday morning we (my sister, mother and I) went trail riding on the hill behind the ranch. It's still not quite as fun as it used to be since you can't get up to the old logging road, but we're at least able to go all the way on the lower trail to the side road. It took us 2 hours. I think that Nate was affected by the heat and the longer ride more than normal, but he's doing good today. I anticipate that later this summer I'll be able to hike more often and can work on clearing a path through the terrible patch of scotch broom. If we can get through the scotch broom then we'll be able to take the horses up the road again - it's actually quite nice now that the dirt is covering up most of the gravel and the trees have grown up enough to provide shade. What's scary is that clearing a path through the scotch broom will be easier than going through the young trees/blackberries.

Anyway, after riding we filled up the horse trailer with all of our recycles and garbage (cleaned out the back porch, the old mattress and random big stuff, out by the shed, etc then the regular stuff) and went to the dump. That seemed to take forever but I think it was mostly just because it was hot and muggy. heh.

Then Saturday afternoon we went and saw Order of the Phoenix. We expected a huge crowd, but they must have gone to the new theatre. It wasn't even full!! But that was okay with me. We had great seats and I really enjoyed the movie. They did a great job in making Mrs Umbridge someone you loved to hate - evil disguised as a sweet lady. *shudder* The thestrals were awesome. Luna was awesome! The fight at the end was spectacular. *happy sigh* Can't wait to see it again!

Sunday was also good. Rode a bit in the morning, then Heather and Michael came out in the afternoon. Later we ended up going to town - Michael dearly wanted to see the cemetary and since he was good Heather said we'd take him. He loves the cemetary out by our place - it has a beautiful brick building with a fountain, and he could spend hours just meandering. It works out okay most of the time - there aren't mourners around usually, so we can just visit while he's busy exploring the bricks and such. *shrug* We decided to try Denny's again and he did pretty good. We'll have to ask our waitress to not bring out his food early next time, though - once he's done, he's out of there. oops! He's getting better about waiting before the food comes out though. Yay!


Monday, 2 April 2007 17:56
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Well, I was wondering what a Lifer was in this context. Oops! That's me. *G*

are you a talent, lifer or mandarin )


Sunday, 3 September 2006 11:00
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I'm so completely forgetful. Yesterday, I meant to mention the most adorable nutrias we have ever seen. I know, I know. Adorable is not normally a word associated with them. But we were driving around yesterday afternoon, and just happened to come across three youngsters jumping around and grazing with their momma. OMG, so cute!!! My camera took forever to power back up, so by the time it came back on the security guard had come over to see if we were having problems and scared them off. So, no pictures. But baby animals of any time are just the cutest. Plus, when you don't see their tales they do like rather cute like beavers. ^___^

Today was rather fun so far. Got up early (hey, before 7 on a weekend is still early!) and took Nate for a walk - and amazingly enough it was actually slightly brisk instead of warm! Whoo! We flew around the neighborhood and even did a lap on the track up the road. So much fun! Also got the bright idea to brush off some of his shedding fur around my tomato plants in the front yard. Maybe the deer won't find them quite so tempting now. haha.

(Ok, I know that the nutria sighting wasn't technically on a nature walk. But I don't want five million tags and we have seen them on walks before, so I'm still using that tag here. So there. *G*)


Saturday, 29 April 2006 09:44
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I went for a quick jaunt down by the river to see if I would be fortunate enough to see all the wildlife without worrying about keeping track of my dog. Not nearly as many birds were around this time, but still got to see some interesting wild life.

Got to see a red winged blackbird again today! I'm not sure if I saw a pair, or if it was one blackbird and one cowbird. The blackbird was hopping around on a partially submerged log, looking for bugs is my guess. They have such a pretty call, too. While watching him, I noticed all this crazy splashing on that pond and the pond on the other side. At first I thought maybe it was an otter or something outlandishly cool like that (because it appeared to be rolling over and splashing around), but after watching for a while one was finally close enough to tell that it was some sort of fish spawning. The guy next to me thought maybe carp but I have no idea. They were spawning like crazy!

On the way back, I saw some sort of large rodent. Possibly a beaver, but more than likely a nutria. I really couldn't see it that well, and I certainly couldn't see it's tail or I'd know for sure. :D

Noticed a sign today that said that this one area is a pond turtle nesting area. So maybe later we'll get to see some turtles! That would be awesome. Then when I was almost to my truck, I noticed a Canadian geese pair and was watching them and a mallard pair. Then across the pond I saw another geese pair surrounded by a ton of chicks! SO CUTE.

Saw Final Fantasy Advent Children at Suncoast for only $20, but they weren't open. Couldn't find it at Borders, but did find a Get Fuzzy collection (30% coupon! YAY!), His Dragon's Majest and some Naruto manga (sale!). Yay for books!


Sunday, 16 April 2006 09:34
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Growing up we had kildeer in our pasture all the time - I loved seeing them, listening to them and watching their prey posturing. So cool. So when we moved, I missed them. Every once in a while we'd see them at Papa's, but I don't remember them often until recently. So, it was such a pleasant surprise last Wednesday to see a pair along the path at the cemetary! They seem smaller, though, so maybe it's a young pair.

Anyway, today's walk was even better! We started up the path and see the one bird posturing for us to follow him, while the other one heads off the other direction. I was watching her (we stay on the path so I wasn't too worried about stepping on her eggs, but it's habit from before) and saw THREE TINY little chicks running with her! OMG, so cute!!! Nate was happy watching the one on the left and he never saw the babies. So, their plan does work! ;D


Wednesday, 29 March 2006 17:56
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This morning was simply wonderful. Woke up early and took Nate to the river. They have some really nice paths out by the mall, and then they're building up the ponds and such off to the side for the fish and birdlife. It's SO COOL. I still don't know what the black waterbirds are, but I did get to see them again today. One of them was swimming when we first spotted it--it had a fish caught in its bill, and then it would dive for a minute or two, and then repeat. Nate wasn't at all impressed with all the birds until we came across our first mallard pair right ON the path...a few waddles and quacks and he decided that birds were just *fascinating* and oh-so-exciting. lol. There were quite a few mallard pairs and canadian goose pairs along the path, but thankfully none of the geese were actually on the path. Wouldn't want to tangle with them. At least not if they're anything like domestic geese.

Oh! For part of it the path is in essence a bridge over the pond, and while we were on that part a blue heron came out from underneath it and flew across to the far side. So awesome!! We got to see another one around the corner, only that one actually stayed much closer. They are such beautiful birds.

On our return, Nate was all excited around the spot where the blue heron erupted out from under the path. I was wondering if he was hoping to see the bird again, but all of a sudden this huge rodent scurried out and starting flurrying about. I'm almost positive it was a nutria, because it certainly wasn't a beaver.

Anyway, that was our lovely adventure this morning!

In other news: went to walmart and stuck to my list really well, except for a really cute flowered candy dish. It's reminds me of a gerbera daisy. Almost forgot to get my pictures though, and that's half the reason I went!! Nuts. Room is straightened up, clothes are actually folded AND put away, minor rearranging, bettas are happy, graham cracker frosted cookies are made, and life is just generally good. This weekend should be the start of getting ready for flower and vegetable gardening. Yay!!! :o)


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