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Saturday, 4 August 2012 14:09
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It is supposed to be 100 degrees F today, so I am hibernating in the house. lol. No cooking going to happen, but there are a couple of recipes that look really good and then a whole page dedicated to meals you can just throw in the freezer for the future. Absolutely awesome.

This one is marinades for chicken: throw the frozen chicken pieces in the marinade and freeze, and then they're automatically marinating when they're defrosting! Brilliant. lol.

Sounds delicious!
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Just popping in, hope to enjoy LJ a little more fully this weekend. :o)

Two slow cooker recipes and then one fantastic sounding wrap from the leftovers. Mmm. On a side note, though, if you're not going to look up the recipes right away, at least write down the name. Some of Aaron McCargo's shows from last month looked fabulous, but they're not in the top 100 and I couldn't remember what it was enough to search for it. Was planning on checking out the episode descriptions and finding them that way, but it appears they no longer list them that way? I couldn't find it, anyway. *sigh* Read more... )


Thursday, 13 August 2009 18:31
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Work was about what I'd expected, though I had the pleasant surprise that my coworker had posted payments the other day. So that only took half the morning. LOL. One of my coworkers has recently tried Vegemite - she said she wasn't sure at first that she liked it, but she's starting to really love it. She's also the one who can eat a whole jar of jalapeno peppers, so I think I'll just leave her to it. ;o)

Last night I was going to make cheeseburgers with tater tots, but our hamburger hadn't defrosted enough to make patties. Of course, the tots were already in the oven so had to make something up spontaneously. Which isn't my strong suit. lol. But I fried up the hamburger with Red Robin spices (had already sprinkled it on the tots) - then put the tater tots in the bottom of the baking dish, sprinkled with the hamburger, and a family can of cream of chicken. (We didn't have any cream of mushroom or I'd have done that.) Sprinkled with some cheese and threw it in the oven. OMG, it was absolutely delicious!! A bit on the salty side, but I think the cream of mushroom will be a better choice in the future. I actually took a picture of it so I could share it on the trashy eats community - finally made one that should qualify. LOL! Will share it once I get it on my computer.

Made me happy to try something new and have it work out really well. ^__^


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