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Last night, we went to Knights of the Realm at the Fairgrounds. Which, in itself, is kind of odd because the fairgrounds haven't been all that equine friendly for a few years! Regardless, the show was there and we were interested to see what it was all about.

Turned out to be a lot of fun! They started out with just introducing all the knights, the king and so on. Brought out a gorgeous, GORGEOUS grey Andalusian who showed off some pretty moves and was just really incredible. Utterly beautiful. Then they brought the knights back out for some mounted games (big & small rings, spear the hay bales, etc) - great fun to watch! Our section was the bad guy section, of course. LOL. One of the other knights was on a huge black horse - not sure what breed that one was, but it almost looked like it might have been a Warlander - had the long back and friesian head, but no feathers and not the huge mane & tail of a Friesian. Anyway, neat horse regardless. The red and yellow knight was on a spanish horse and the others were on quarter horses or paints. They were all really awesome.

After the games, they proceeded with the jousting. The first pair was the green knight and the templiers (templars? They had a cross, but he pronounced it like temp-lee-ars?), so I was watching them since we were in 'their' section. All of a sudden I realize the green knight has fallen off his horse and is rolling madly! Turns out it was just part of the show, but I didn't know at first and was confused if we should be worried or cheering on our guy. lol. Anyway, after he was unhorsed, they proceeded on with fighting with weapons. Pretty awesome fighters! And when they would both have the swords, you could see actual sparks fly! Three feet! LOL. It makes sense with all that steel, but I'd never thought about it before and don't recall seeing it in any movies. Anyway, it was actually a bit distracting but really cool. They kind of followed that formula through all the pairs, and then had a huge war (well, four vs four) at the end after the "other" bad guys showed up.

Anyway, you know how these go - a little contrived, but still a whole lot of fun. I'm definitely glad we went and enjoyed the show and the beautiful horses a lot. ^__^
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Well, this has been a busy weekend! Saturday morning my Mom, my uncle and cousin, and myself worked on starting to dismantle the carport that's next to the home we're buying. It needs to come out in order to get the home out of the lot. T and I had to get up on the roof to take off all the shingles - I must admit I'm not all that keen on climbing around on a roof!! Still, the worst part was getting on and off the roof and ladder so I guess that's good. We got that part done pretty early and then started on some of the other stuff. My uncle and cousin then climbed up the rafters to start taking out the plywood roofing - thank goodness for their help! I couldn't have done that part I don't think. We ended up having to break for lunch about 1/3 of the way into that project.

Mmm, pizza. Afterwards we started to head back to work on the roof, but then my uncle remembered that he did actually have to go into work in the afternoon. Oops! So Mom and I just sprayed bees nests so finishing the roof would be a lot less stressful. Then we went back home and got to see the Oregon / Michigan game - go DUCKS! YAY!! We got to chill out for another hour or so, then we (plus my sister) all met up at the home again after dinner.

They did a fantastic job of getting the rest of the plywood off the roof, while Mom and I worked on dismantling the back porch area. Whoever did all the construction work around that house did an EXCELLENT job. lol. It's a shame to have to take it apart, but most of it is too big or too heavy (or nailed too well to other things) to leave as is. So the next step is to work on taking out the nails in the rafters, then we'll all get together and finish dismantling it the rest of the way. Yesterday I noticed a couple really nice bruises (I didn't remember hitting myself, but all of a sudden I remembered that I did jab myself a few times with the other end of the crowbar while working on shingles. aha!) and my fingers are sore.

Then Sunday we (mom, sister and myself) met up with my cousins at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Festival. We had a great time! It was way hot out there, but still it was fun. We got there later than we had intended, but it turned out okay since we had time to peruse half the shops before the jousting, and speed-perused the other half afterwards. lol. My sister used mom's camcorder to video the jousting / ground fighting, so hopefully that turned out well. The sun was facing us, but at home that doesn't seem to matter that much. It was a much more confusing storyline than last year and the one mike was really spotty, but we got the gist of it. It's neat to see how they're able to choreograph all of that fighting and stuff.

Today was decent. Hotter than expected, so we ended up not working on the carport. Need to buy some bacon so I can make some BLT sandwiches - though, tonight's tomato & cheddar sandwich was pretty darn delicious. Kitty is going insane. Correction--kitty is driving us insane. LOL. She's adorable most of the time, but trying to scratch on the furniture is not cool. Squawking at 5 in the morning isn't too cool either. >^,,^


Monday, 18 June 2007 15:16
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