Monday, 18 June 2007 15:16
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More links. Great randomisities. :)

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Monday, 26 March 2007 15:26
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I am so tired.

Had a good morning at work, then came home for the afternoon. I completely went over my entire pantry - moved the white little cupboard over by the fridge so I can put away my groceries in ONE spot, and brought what I still had inside the house out into the garage with the rest of it. Granted, the jello and red hots and sandwich bags and random stuff like that is still inside, but everything other than the tea/hot chocolate is all in one place now. That stupid white shelf is heavy and awkward! But I got it done. ^___^

I love Bath & Body Works. That is not a secret. But I'm a little irritated with them at the moment - apparently when you shop online and want to take advantage of their fabulous free shipping when you spend over $50 - you CANNOT have any of your items on sale!! How crazy is that?? So I saved myself $50 today. *growl of annoyance at the website but also a sigh of relief* Anyway, they're coming out with some moisturizing shampoo!! It's not in the fabulous mint scent that the volumizing one comes in, but they do have the wonderful black raspberry vanilla and cherry blossom scents. So I'll get those next week or so.

*note to self* SCHEDULE appointment at H&R Block! It is almost April! OMG.

Those super cute shoes I bought last week? I still love them in the super cute sense - but man, do they hurt. I haven't decided if it's because I haven't worn heels in so long or if they're just painful. lol. I'll keep trying them on half days and see, but I think i'll do the afternoon instead as usually it's less hours. I tend to work 5.5 hours in the morning and 3.5 in the afternoon so I'll give that shot. Oh hey. Google is wonderful! The black ones and the orange ones!


Wednesday, 21 March 2007 14:08
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Finally sitting down and actually listening to Corinne Bailey Rae's album. OMG--gorgeous!! Her voice is just beautiful, and the music is lovely. A bit mellow and jazzy, but complements her very well. Mmm.

Today has been a pretty good day. Went walking with Nate this morning even though it was freezing! Sheesh, isn't today the official first day of spring? Oh well, we currently have sunshine and a bit of warmth so that's good. :D Then caught up on the CSI eps for the week, and headed out for errands. One of my packages arrived this morning - Propaganda has the yummiest soaps! Mt Rainier is absolutely delicious. I've enjoyed my villainess soaps, but I think I may just have to switch if they continue to be as strong smelling and foamy as this one is right now. Weighed in and actually lost .5 pound, whew! Then ran over to the mall to see if Bath & Body Works had any new products in their black cherry vanilla scent - of course not. But I did get the mint shampoo to go with my mint conditioner, and got their gradual tan stuff since it was on sale. Hope it works, because it smells great! Got the tangerine and verbena options, and then the Pineapple Mango room scent (it was an impulse buy because I asked her about the candles which were sold out, but this was only $2 more and is awesome!). Then I came straight home so I wouldn't find anything else more I had to have. LOL.

As expected, I didn't work on the closet or garage, but I did rearrange and dust both book/model horse cases. I'm not sure that I gained any actual space, but changing things around was fun anyway. I'm tempted to start on the closet later, but that may be a weekend thing.


Saturday, 17 March 2007 21:05
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That is the sound of Nate hitting his bed and me about to fall asleep here at the desk. lol. OMG, it's been a long day. Absolutely great day though!

Started out the day with walking Nate and working on one area of the garden. It's far too daunting to do it all at once, so I just straightened up the little brick area and planted my lettuce, walla walla onions and two hyacinths today, and put out the bird feeder. Then spent the day with family - helped mom haul their garbage since my sister is one of the walking wounded this weekend, and then had some excellent retail therapy with mom in the afternoon. It was a beautiful and warm day!! Found another set of the peacock garden art at the other rite-aid, so now I have a set and can give a set to heather for her birthday. They're beautiful! And buy one get one free is *always* an awesome deal! ;D Got some really awesome clothes at fashion bug - half of them for work wear and half of them just to have fun. Getting a little tired of buying everything with an eye for wearing it at work, so HAH I say! Hah hah.


I'm so tired I make no sense. Sorry!

The photos turned out great! Turned out that the one roll really was 36 pictures, so they all turned out just fine!! So I have some early spring flowers, some dogs and some of the bettas all on that roll - Loz continues to be a grumpy focus for his pictures, but Reno is quite the ham! Just like his namesake. LOL. Rite-Aid rocks and puts multiple rolls on one CD, so it's much more affordable that way! No more scanning, hallelujah! Hope to upload them tomorrow.
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I really dig No Doubt/ Gwen Stefani sometimes, and that song is actually in theme tonight. I bought some really pretty spring/summer colors from Avon/Mark last week and they arrived today. So pretty! Looking forward to trying them out.

Finally threw out my work shoes tonight. They've been very sturdy and functional for the last year, but they're all scruffy and falling apart now. So tonight I went a little crazy at Payless Shoesource and got two cute yet low wedges (one black patent looking and the other a funky fun orange pattern) and one black velvet sneaker pair. I'm sick to death of our plain palette for work, and will try to work in some fun this way. Besides, our new sweaters are springy and easter egg colors, so it's all good. ^___^

Bought a magazine for "Gardening on a Budget" so I can expand my gardening horizons without breaking the bank this year. And since I'm all excited for spring I'll continue the photo tradition for this week. Silver Edged Primrose:


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