Tuesday, 10 April 2007 17:40
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Work has settled down a little bit from last week. I'm not feeling quite so aggravated and stressed out, even though there's more work to be done with a coworker out sick. Weird, eh? Got caught up today, but since I'm off tomorrow there will likely be a bunch of stuff to do on Thursday. :)

We've been alternating between bursts of sunshine and rain showers, which I guess IS typical spring weather. Just so tired of winter type weather that I want it to be all sunshine for now, I guess!!

One of two daffodil survivors in my yard. Yay! ^___^


Thursday, 22 March 2007 20:11
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Dogster just created breed pages, so you can go view a general info page about certain breeds, and see some representatives of those breeds - purebreds and mixes. Pretty cool!! I clicked on the "adoptable" link just to see some of the dogs out there - OMG! I want to rescue all of them. They sound so sweet! And are so pretty! Ack! Must resist doing that again. It's hard enough visiting the shelter in person, never mind ones clear across the country. *sigh*

I'm so glad this is Thursday. For some reason I've been thinking it's Tuesday off and on. Strange!!

Next week is going to be awesome. I'll get to work 2.5 days and get 2.5 days off! YAY!!!!!! Commence Operation Garage this weekend, as I'll have time to chill out later in the week in compensation. Spring is here in all its glory - sunshine, warmth and Spring Cleaning. ^___^
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I really dig No Doubt/ Gwen Stefani sometimes, and that song is actually in theme tonight. I bought some really pretty spring/summer colors from Avon/Mark last week and they arrived today. So pretty! Looking forward to trying them out.

Finally threw out my work shoes tonight. They've been very sturdy and functional for the last year, but they're all scruffy and falling apart now. So tonight I went a little crazy at Payless Shoesource and got two cute yet low wedges (one black patent looking and the other a funky fun orange pattern) and one black velvet sneaker pair. I'm sick to death of our plain palette for work, and will try to work in some fun this way. Besides, our new sweaters are springy and easter egg colors, so it's all good. ^___^

Bought a magazine for "Gardening on a Budget" so I can expand my gardening horizons without breaking the bank this year. And since I'm all excited for spring I'll continue the photo tradition for this week. Silver Edged Primrose:


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