Wednesday, 8 September 2010 06:52
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Need to get serious about finding my Supernatural S3 disc! We were saving the finale until we had S4, but then the discs disappeared. I've looked in all the usual places, so I'm guessing it may have fallen into the couch. lol. Would like a bit of a refresher before starting the next season. So far behind already. :o)

I must say that when I first heard about the creative rewrite books (Pride & Prejudice and Zombies, etc), it sounded really odd. Intriguing but odd! This year I picked up Jane Slayre and LOVED it! Picked up Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters when it was on sale - it was much harder to get into for me and I kind of had to slog through it in spots. Was a little worried about PP&Z, but it flows much smoother and I'm very much enjoying it. Not wanting it to end.


Monday, 14 September 2009 13:37
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Went horseback riding today with my sister - that was fun. Checkers is actually quite nice, and it was a beautiful day. Nate had a fabulous time. We've had a pair of killdeer in the pasture for a number of years, but there was a flock of 8 or 10 that were flying around and chasing after a big bird today! So they have reinforcements or the entire family has stuck around this year. Pretty cool.

Other than that things have been quiet this weekend.

I'm so far behind in posting my 50 book goal for the year, but I have a feeling I'll meet it this year! Should just start posting them in chunks instead of one catch up post, though. Anyway, I'm rereading the D Gray Man manga - it's amazing how much more detail you pick up the second time through! I think a lot of it is because you're reading an issue every month or two, and likely reading another series or two at the same time, and it all gets jumbled up in my brain. I'm keeping characters straight much easier this time around, plus those 'side' characters that I kind of glossed over in the beginning and that became more important later on in the series are much, much more apparent now.

We don't get the channel Supernatural is on, so I shall be using my Amazon gift certificate to pick up the next season. I cannot wait!! It's been so hard not to follow along in the journals and stuff, and I've not succeeded in a couple of posts by friends, but more than anything it's just confusing. I'm looking at icons going who ARE these people?? LOL. Oh well, at least we'll be able to watch it now and be semi-current. *G*


Wednesday, 26 September 2007 15:02
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Well, good news. We managed to get all the skirting off of the house (except for the one piece right behind the electric box. Whew! Took all morning, but it was a good morning.

We had lunch at the little local market - it gets really busy around lunchtime!! Good food and lots of company, eh. lol.

Currently exhausted. Picked a salad spinner full of tomatoes this morning! Need lettuce.

My sis and I finished the 2nd season of Supernatural this weekend. Fabulous!! I'm loving that show. Looking forward to the start of the 3rd season!! ♥ We've also finished both seasons of Bones - another one I am very much enjoying.

Oh, yeah...

Thursday, 13 September 2007 21:35
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Found out today that the new season of Supernatural starts on October 4th. Thursday night. Too bad it wasn't Friday, but I guess that's okay. Fridays are long anyway, might as well stay up late the night before. *G* We just need to watch Season 2 before then, and that shouldn't be a problem really. Looking forward to it! Season 1 rocked! ^___^

Watching a History show on the Vandals. Pretty interesting. The 2nd half is far more like I remember from history class. ;D Though I didn't remember anything about the daughter of the slaughtered roman emporer and her desperate plan to avoid marrying the jerk who killed her father. heh.

Earlier we watched a bit of the Maneaters episode - about man eating lions. Weird that the three they focused on were maneless young male lions. Makes you wonder if that had anything to do with it (weird genes, mutations, etc) or if it was just coincidence.

hahah! That travelocity gnome is pretty funny sometimes. I still like the one where he got struck by electricity - 'am I gonna die'? The one they just showed with him bouncing on the bed (and getting stuck on the roof) and in the tropics (with the bartender juicing the orange on his hat/head) is kind of cute. It's funny this time, though ten times later it may not be so funny. You know?

Yet another meme

Thursday, 19 July 2007 18:58
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Isn't it weird how the memes tend to come in waves? I can go a while without seeing any that look to be fun, and then you get two or three right in a row. Strange!

LJ cut, please work this time. Silly quiz, please post right this time. ;D

Well hell. I don't know how to code tables. This is probably just missing one quotation or something. I'll leave it in case it magically fixes itself, but right now it's not showing correctly.

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