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Good news - did not wake up this morning with a cold! Yay! Guess that means it's allergies acting up. Yesterday started out with a blinding/thudding type of headache that finally dulled down to a dull roar for the day, but it's completely gone today. Thank goodness!

Took Nate into town - made him wait at the tack store (no Nokota model in stock, darnit) and the gas station. The guy in front of me was funny - he kept staring at me and sorta smiling, then he came over to say that he was SO glad that I let the attendant pump my gas. LOL. He's from B.C. and didn't realize that Oregon isn't a self-service state.

Then took Nate to Suds Em Yourself - they've changed things a bit so it took me a while to figure out where everything was, but the bath itself went great. Nate feels like a silky dog now! The attendant gave me the Blue Shampoo to get Nate's white spots really white. That won't last long, but he's quite shiny at the moment. ;D

We had a site inspector come out today - rather strange person. He didn't want to talk to me when I went out, and I wasn't going to hang around for who knows how long being ignored, so I just let him do his thing. Whatever. I'm not sure where the confusion came in, because we requested a Site & Placement inspection - he said that the electricity, plumbing, dryer vent and something else needs to be done still before he can sign off. Duh, but that's not part of the Site & Placement inspection. Oh well, guess it's ok to start on those parts then.


Saturday, 3 November 2007 21:17
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It's so very cool to see our new house in, even if it's still not entirely blocked up and visit-able. ;D

Met up with Heather Friday night and we had dinner at BJ's. It was fabulous. One of these times I'll get something other than the chicken-broccoli potato, but not last night. We then went to Trader Joes for some interesting groceries, and Winco for regular groceries.

Then today the family did some running around. Discovered that our PetSmart no longer carries the horse section, which was disappointing. (On a side note, I need to pick up Breyer's Nokota horse right away, as it now retired.) We then went to our local home improvement store and spent quite a while there. Perused the linoleum section to replace the floors in the bathrooms. Checked out lots of other stuff, too, of course. They had a 50% sale on the breast cancer kitchenaid pink items, so I got the twin-pack of griddle pans. Neat!

Came home and watched the Oregon Ducks game. Whooo!! Exciting! It's been such a treat to watch them this year. ^___^

nfl football picks )
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It's been a week of raccoons! I saw a momma and two adorable babies on the drive to work earlier this week, and then this morning I saw two raccoons right by where I park at work. Too cute! Though, I imagine the neighbors right around here don't think so. *G* It was too dark to even attempt a camera-phone pic, but the raccoon started to run off, then decided I wasn't out to kill it, and climbed up the little chain link fence and just messed around for a bit.

Fantastic news, btw! Our home was delivered yesterday!!! It still requires being put together and on blocks, and then we can start reassembling the floor and such, and working on the final permits before we can actually move in. but at least it is finally ON our property! *happy dancing*

Happy Friday!

holy crap

Wednesday, 10 October 2007 08:29
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Ack! Scary movies are so damn...scary. lol. For the most part this one (wrong turn) doesn't show toooooo much gore, but definitely ramps up the suspense and shows just enoug gore to be truly shudder inducing. OMG, the skinny one is freaky!! Eliza plays one tough chick and I like the med student.

We have a delay in moving the house. Did I mention that last entry? I can't remember. D told us months ago that everything was ready, no papers needed signing. Now some papers need to be signed before we can get the permit to be on the road with the house. And he's got some 'major deals' with Saudi Arabia that he's working on and really doesn't 'have time' for this. OMG!? Fucking pisses me off when people lie to you (months ago!) and don't want to make it right in the end. If he won't return M's calls today she's going to see if we can start the paperwork over direct from the county. we're starting to get freaked out about timing, since they're going to have to go out onto the non-graveled part to get the house in and it's sporadically raining now that it's October. Ugh. Makes me sick, especially since we were scheduled to move it this week. :\

*kitty stretch*

Tuesday, 9 October 2007 15:56
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Laylah is incredibly clingy when we get home. She's currently stretched out on my shins, which does make them quite warm. However, she's getting heavy enough that it hurts if I'm not careful to keep them straight! I got her a 'play cavern scratcher' the other day, and she loves it. Pretty sure that she's cut down on scratching on the couch, which is a good thing.

The cattle that my grandpa has are incredibly fond of garden scraps. They started out enjoying the brocolli and lettuce, and have progressed to loving corn cobs and even tomatoes. lol. They followed me out to the blackberries this afternoon, though they weren't impressed with the single berries I'd toss them. LOL. It is rather an odd feeling to turn around and see six cattle bounding down the hill at you, especially with their fat little bellies bouncing around. Whenever I finally get a chance to develop my photos, I'll share pics of some of them. :o)

When we were in portland the other day we noticed that the pretzel shop (which made excellent cinnamon & sugar pretzels) also had pretzel hot dogs. I'd already ordered and wanted to try those next time we go up north. Anyway, I went to the mall after work today to see if I could find a jacket for work that fit better, and discovered that our pretzel shop also makes pretzel dogs. This looked possibly even better than up in portland, because the pretzel dough was super soft and it was absolutely delicious. Mmmm, mmm. Lunch was really good today! Plan on making blackberry crepe-type-pancakes tonight or tomorrow if I can find my bisquick dough. I cannot WAIT until the house moves in and everything is in one place!

Speaking of the house, we are scheduled to have the house taken apart on thurs and moved on friday - but then yesterday mom found out that the county said it's not legal yet. WTF?! So mom's speaking with R, whose business partner supposedly took care of that over a month ago. We're hoping it's just a glitch with the county because it needs to be moved this week or next at the latest. It's starting to rain more often and it will be difficult to get it moved any later than that. *sigh* Moving really sucks sometimes.


Wednesday, 26 September 2007 15:02
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Well, good news. We managed to get all the skirting off of the house (except for the one piece right behind the electric box. Whew! Took all morning, but it was a good morning.

We had lunch at the little local market - it gets really busy around lunchtime!! Good food and lots of company, eh. lol.

Currently exhausted. Picked a salad spinner full of tomatoes this morning! Need lettuce.

My sis and I finished the 2nd season of Supernatural this weekend. Fabulous!! I'm loving that show. Looking forward to the start of the 3rd season!! ♥ We've also finished both seasons of Bones - another one I am very much enjoying.


Tuesday, 25 September 2007 15:10
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A guy just walked by the window with his pants hanging half down his rear, and scratching his rear!! INSANE!!!

Anyway, just updating to say I haven't been online for a while. Not sure if I'll catch up tomorrow, because we've been working on the house we're buying on all days off and evenings lately. We got the carport completely torn down over the weekend and cleaned up last night, so the plan is that R will have the guy with the backhoe out this afternoon to dig around the house and the fence posts (at the dog run). Not sure if that means we'll have stuff to do tomorrow, or if it wait until we can get more of the crew around. Ugh. This stuff takes forever! But we're showing a major dent in it and hope to be able to move it soon.

Next Friday we're going to make a trip to IKEA. I am so looking forward to it. All their stuff I've seen in magazines looks great, but the closest was up in Seattle until this year. So we'll make a trip up to Portland and check it out! The catalog is amazing, so I can't wait to see the things we're interested in in person. :o)

Better get back to work now. Breaks fly like crazy!


Wednesday, 19 September 2007 14:58
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Well thank goodness I was able to leave work a couple of hours early yesterday (yay! love having to use up some of our PTM hours), because this morning we spent working on the carport. We made great strides on it and have almost all of it pulled down. Still need to take out the nails and try to take the big poles apart, but it looks tremendously different. Whew.

We ended up finishing around 10:45, and went to Dixie's Cafe for lunch. Wonderful! I haven't been there for years, but we were all very pleased with our omelettes and biscuits and they were very reasonably priced. Mmm, mmm.

Came home and unloaded all the wood from the truck that we did get loaded. Some really nice pieces. Then went and picked tomatoes - our cherry plants are finally ripe! It's really too bad we got that planted so late in the year, but if the weather holds out we'll still get a decent harvest from them. the sunflowers are looking great! We've had some red and red&yellow ones for a while now, but the yellow ones are just now starting to bloom. Yay!!! The pumpkins are coming along very nicely too. They're sprawling all over the place and quite happy. :)

Starting to get sore. stepped on a nail first thing this morning, and it's not feeling that great. heh.
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Well, this has been a busy weekend! Saturday morning my Mom, my uncle and cousin, and myself worked on starting to dismantle the carport that's next to the home we're buying. It needs to come out in order to get the home out of the lot. T and I had to get up on the roof to take off all the shingles - I must admit I'm not all that keen on climbing around on a roof!! Still, the worst part was getting on and off the roof and ladder so I guess that's good. We got that part done pretty early and then started on some of the other stuff. My uncle and cousin then climbed up the rafters to start taking out the plywood roofing - thank goodness for their help! I couldn't have done that part I don't think. We ended up having to break for lunch about 1/3 of the way into that project.

Mmm, pizza. Afterwards we started to head back to work on the roof, but then my uncle remembered that he did actually have to go into work in the afternoon. Oops! So Mom and I just sprayed bees nests so finishing the roof would be a lot less stressful. Then we went back home and got to see the Oregon / Michigan game - go DUCKS! YAY!! We got to chill out for another hour or so, then we (plus my sister) all met up at the home again after dinner.

They did a fantastic job of getting the rest of the plywood off the roof, while Mom and I worked on dismantling the back porch area. Whoever did all the construction work around that house did an EXCELLENT job. lol. It's a shame to have to take it apart, but most of it is too big or too heavy (or nailed too well to other things) to leave as is. So the next step is to work on taking out the nails in the rafters, then we'll all get together and finish dismantling it the rest of the way. Yesterday I noticed a couple really nice bruises (I didn't remember hitting myself, but all of a sudden I remembered that I did jab myself a few times with the other end of the crowbar while working on shingles. aha!) and my fingers are sore.

Then Sunday we (mom, sister and myself) met up with my cousins at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Festival. We had a great time! It was way hot out there, but still it was fun. We got there later than we had intended, but it turned out okay since we had time to peruse half the shops before the jousting, and speed-perused the other half afterwards. lol. My sister used mom's camcorder to video the jousting / ground fighting, so hopefully that turned out well. The sun was facing us, but at home that doesn't seem to matter that much. It was a much more confusing storyline than last year and the one mike was really spotty, but we got the gist of it. It's neat to see how they're able to choreograph all of that fighting and stuff.

Today was decent. Hotter than expected, so we ended up not working on the carport. Need to buy some bacon so I can make some BLT sandwiches - though, tonight's tomato & cheddar sandwich was pretty darn delicious. Kitty is going insane. Correction--kitty is driving us insane. LOL. She's adorable most of the time, but trying to scratch on the furniture is not cool. Squawking at 5 in the morning isn't too cool either. >^,,^
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YouTube is way more fun when not on dialup. I think I am officially going to be missing DSL even more than the short commute!

Sneak Peak at Dashboard's new song - Thick as Thieves

Stolen - acoustic

This morning I rented a storage unit at The Castle - I picked them because they've got a nice location and decent prices, and have the bonus of having a castle wall and fun stuff like that. She told me this morning that the owner just contracted with a local artist for a metal dragon sculpture to put on top of the tower. How cool is that!? I can't wait to see the result. I've taken two loads of boxes there today - granted, my truck is a small one but it's still quite a bit that is already moved. Whew!  The plan is to move the furniture on Friday afternoon with Mom's help.

Target had some great clearance buys on bras - I ended up getting three new pairs. One red, blue and black! Yay! Also got a couple pairs of socks so I can throw out the ones that now have holes in them. I almost managed to escape the store without buying anything else, but I did find a super cute sheet set that I just had to have. At least it was one sale! It's always nice to have new sheets when moving to a new place. ;D

tralala. Better get back to work!


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