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2013-01-13 10:23 am
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Mm, cookies

Distracted and not able to read this one at the moment. Tips on how to shorten time in the kitchen, and at least one really awesome sounding recipe. ;)


German Chocolate Fudge Bites. OMG, sounds delish.
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2012-12-05 01:16 pm
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LOL. This is so awesome!

Rodents may not be my favorite, but capybaras are pretty darn cute. ^__^

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2012-11-10 08:11 am
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S'mores Brownies


Looks so good! And much easier to eat. My s'mores always fall apart on me. LOL.
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2012-08-04 02:09 pm
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Freezer meals

It is supposed to be 100 degrees F today, so I am hibernating in the house. lol. No cooking going to happen, but there are a couple of recipes that look really good and then a whole page dedicated to meals you can just throw in the freezer for the future. Absolutely awesome.

This one is marinades for chicken: throw the frozen chicken pieces in the marinade and freeze, and then they're automatically marinating when they're defrosting! Brilliant. lol.

Sounds delicious!

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2012-07-07 10:02 am
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Slow Cooker

We've not been very good about using our slow cooker on a regular basis. One tip that I just learned about is to put your veggies on top of the roast! That way it won't soak up all the grease and it should be amazing and steamed. Going to have to try that next time for sure.


This site was also recommended, so I'm going to have to check it out. The person recommending it said that it's a gluten-free site as well, FYI. :o)
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2012-03-20 07:45 pm
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Hunger Names


Your name is Boggs Dundermifflin

Congratulations! You had the honor of being a District 5 tribute in the 45th Hunger Games!

You were killed by nunchaku.
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2012-01-21 01:32 pm
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It's absolutely lovely being able to use the dishwasher again! Have actually cooked a few things instead of just reheating things. Awesome!!

This sounds....weird, but interesting. lol.


These pancakes sound and look absolutely delicious!

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2012-01-08 10:30 am
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2011-12-02 09:10 pm
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Creepy and fascinating!

I actually saw this article this morning with my coworker and was fairly creeped out, but by the time she read the article I was feeling much more warm towards the giiiiiaaaannnnt bug. It's cricket-like, but absolutely huge.

If you'd like to see and read about the Weta Bug, here's the link! :o)

She's pretty cool, eh!?
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2011-10-11 03:50 pm
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Hugh Jackman

Dude, I don't have a wolverine icon. So it's a badger instead. ;)


It takes forever to watch videos at home, so I'm just putting this up for watching some other time. From the comments, it sounds like a fun little video! Water Wars. ^__^

Adding this because I'm making too many entries today. Totally not related. I hadn't heard that this was Domestic Violence month, info and phone numbers here if needed.


Another link, reasons why people stay.
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2011-05-20 03:35 pm
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This one is awesome too!

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2011-05-20 03:21 pm
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Having issuestyping on a netpad. lol. It's fun and has great clarity, but very small. Anyway, found an awesome sculpture made from recycled tires!

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2011-05-04 03:22 pm


Forgot to mention that on the drive home, we saw a beautiful dalmatian! He was highly unusual in that he had a short tail (maybe six inches?), but we went by him too fast to see much. He was wearing some sort of vest, so I'm not sure if they were training him to be an assistance dog, or what. Anyway, you don't see that many dalmatians around town, so that was a treat. I still miss my Justice. :o)

YES!! Look! Last fm is working with LJ again. Weird since it wasn't working ten minutes ago, but that's okay with me. ^__^
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2011-02-16 11:39 am
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Soundgarden just announced that they have been playing together and are planning on recording an album this year!! Too utterly cool. I'm glad to hear it, because I would think creating new music together would be part of the point of reuniting the band...yes? lol.


Got my hair cut last night and I love it!! I'm actually going to be growing part of it out (tops/sides), but went shorter in the back. It feels great! Need to figure out how to use the flat iron so I can change it up more, though. LOL.
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2011-01-27 04:20 pm


I'm starting to feel so much better! Actually feeling up to walking with the dogs again, though it's only at a stroll level right now.

I noticed today that my cough drops have all these inspirational sayings on them! Such as: HI-five yourself. Be unstoppable. Don't wait to get started. Push on! Inspire envy. Get back in the game.

LOL. I gotta say that inspiring envy while coughing up your lungs doesn't work so well. But, more sad to say, I've been using these non-stop since Monday and never noticed any writing on the wrappers at all. O.o Been so out of it!!

Anyway. We're having a meeting here pretty soon.
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2011-01-25 05:33 pm

Enough Already!

Interesting how timing intersects sometimes. For the last couple of weeks I've been watching Peter Walsh's new show, Enough Already. Much like Clean Sweep, except they have more time with people than on that show. Anyway, it's very emotional for the most part and very encouraging. I've been (vaguely) thinking on where to start in my own household once I get over this hugely annoying head cold.

Then today on LJ I see that the [livejournal.com profile] trexsrestaurant is working towards being active again! Yay! They're a wonderful support group for working on budget and stuff goals. Absolutely perfect timing!

So in the next week or so, the plan is to be less vague and a little more concrete in my goals. Tiny turtle steps for February! Maybe baby steps in March, we'll see. ^__^
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2011-01-20 01:39 pm


Not feeling so well, and likely going home in a minute. But while I was on hold, this comic made me laugh so much this afternoon!!


LOL, I can so picture this!
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2011-01-19 05:30 pm
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Absolutely Inspiring!


A wonderful article about a woman and her incredible horse. A great partnership! And a very good dose of perspective on our daily trials. ;o)
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2011-01-17 12:36 pm


Elle isn't a magazine I look at all that often, but my sister shared this one with me and it's astounding what they did to her photo, especially if it was without her knowledge. I wouldn't have guessed it was the same person at all. Variety is the spice of life!!

Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appears on the January cover of Elle magazine, but she's outraged by the image. Her skin appears far more pale than it is in real life. Her dark brown hair is shown to be practically red.

Elle claims to celebrate women of color by featuring them on magazine covers, but this is the second time in just six months that Elle has blatantly made women of color more white. (The last controversy surrounded Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe.)

For better or worse, publications like Elle play a huge role in determining global standards of beauty -- especially for young girls and teenagers who read it. It sends a cruel and dangerous message to women of color everywhere when Elle manipulates the skin color of one of India's most famous actresses just so she can appear on a magazine cover.

Here's our opportunity: Elle is a business that cares more about its bottom line and public image than anything else. To change their behavior -- and send a message that reverberates through the whole fashion industry -- we need a public outcry.

Join Change.org members in telling Elle Magazine to ends its practice of racist skin-whitening.

India already has a billion-dollar skin-whitening industry. Many women burn their skin through the use of unsafe whitening products. And there's a pervasive prejudice against girls who are "too dark" and therefore can't get hired or married.

A global publication like Elle has no business reinforcing that racist and damaging stereotype. Elle suffered from some bad press when the magazine cover came out, but there still needs to be a massive public campaign to force them to take real action. This is that campaign.

Tell Elle that women don't have to be white to be beautiful – and to apologize for its offensive doctoring of its cover models:


Thanks for taking action,

- Judith and the Change.org team