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Hallelujah, it is Friday. Life is good.

My coworker barely passed the third section of the PCA course (physician's chart auditor) - by 4%. Which does not bode well for me!! Ack. Oh well, there's no rush on it so I'll just take my time and hope to do as well as possible.

Finally figured out how to get some more songs on last.fm without being able to scrobble them myself. If they have the little blue or gold arrow in front of them, you can add the entire track to your playlist. Yay!! Working out great so far. Still can't get some of the songs (only 30 seconds, etc), but it's better than nothing. I got a whole morning of Dashboard to play on my work computer this morning, but it wouldn't register any new songs for the afternoon. Though, when I got home, it did seem that it had registered some. Maybe it was just my work computer being weird. God only knows. lol.

I'm off for the weekend. Poor Sven shall be all alone. hehe. If all goes well at the Black Sheep Gathering, I shall have sheep pictures later in the month. Be interesting to see some of the more 'unusual' breeds in person.

50 Book Goal

Monday, 4 June 2007 18:28
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Well, May was not a good month for reading books! In fact, March 11th was the last time I posted on this goal, and I believe that the books I do have listed were read in late March and early April. Oops. (Edit: I forgot about the sheep books. It's not as bad as it looked at first. Yay!)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22 / 50

Read: Seduction in Death, Reunion in Death and Purity in Death. All by JD Robb.
Also read: Living with Sheep - written by Chuck Wooster and photographs by Geoff Hansen. (♥'d)
Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep by Paula Simmons.
Small-Scale Sheep Keeping for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farms) (♥'d)

Not counting officially yet:
Death Note 1,2,3,4
Naruto 14
Claymore 7
Black Cat 6,7,8


Wednesday, 23 May 2007 20:38
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We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Oregon Zoo. Michael had a couple of meltdowns, but considering we were there for three and a half hours he actually did very, very well. I think his favorite part was the train tracks, but hey. lol. Heather and I had a great time and enjoyed seeing the Zoo again. It's been a number of years since we've been (it was called the Portland Zoo back then, and OMSI was across the street!).

Anyway, I'm too tired to go into much detail right now. We saw lots of neat animal exhibits - the Pacific section had a gorgeous cougar (who was fascinated with the sheep and goats over at the petting zoo) and a huge bald eagle. That part of the zoo had a lot of kids activities as well, so Michael got to play with this neat set where you poured water over the mountains and hills and saw how water runs down into the valleys and back to the rivers and oceans. Cool. The beavers were sleeping in their dens, but the otter was swimming around happily. The sheep that they have in their petting zoo are Shetland Sheep - it's amazing how many color variations they come in! They had a few black and colored sheep, but the poster on the wall showed that they can come in like 50 different variations. Pretty neat! And they were sweet. One came over and let me pet her for a while.

We had a lovely time seeing all the sites. I'll wait til the pictures come back to go into more detail. My brain is fried! The leopard was stunning. Lots of cool birds! Lorikeets are neat.

On the way home we stopped at Denny's for dinner - it's the first non-fast-food restaurant we've tried Michael at in ages. It actually worked out great - he even ate the BUN and scrambled eggs!! Wow. He tried new things! YAY! Their new fusion drinks are delicious - Sprite and various fruit flavors. Mmm, mmm. I bought a Sprite tonight and mixed it with my cranberry-raspberry juice - it's not bad at all. Not quite as good as the multiple flavors they offer, but still something different to do with juice. ^___^


Tuesday, 15 May 2007 18:02
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Okay, I'm in no way shape or form raising any livestock at the moment. But, if I was, this is interesting. LOL. You can keep records of your sheep (they also have them for goats, cattle, and wildlife!) individually, and also your profits and losses overall. Kind of neat! So I figure I'll keep this link for the future should we decide to raise purebred livestock. ^___^

In other news, today was much smoother than yesterday. We have sunshine as well! Yay. I signed up for the Introduction to Knitting class on June 6th. Hopefully the lady is a lot nicer in person than she was on the phone. heh. Oh well, it's just the one class. (Hopefully I can pick it up in one morning!)

Flemish Giants

Sunday, 22 April 2007 09:14
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Flemish Giants are a huuuuge breed of rabbits. We had a few bucks when we were raising rabbits, and maybe a couple of does. All of ours were just plain white, but they apparently come in all sorts of colors too.

Check out the rabbit that is the SAME size as the dog about halfway down the page!

Hmm. This Farm has a little blurb on the Flemish Giants and a pretty picture. They also have lots of rare sheep (neat!), some pigs, chickens and cattle. But, I'm a little bit concerned about their Longhorn description as it describes them as 'docile' and having a great nature. They're in England, perhaps there are two types of Longhorns? Because our longhorns tend to be a bit wild and flighty, though they are great mothers. *G* The one pictured doesn't look like the longhorns I've seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Herman, the Giant Bunny. This picture makes him look far larger than either 17 or 22 pounds!

This site lists a few rabbit breeds, but also has some chickens and ducks.

These irises grow wild up on the hill. This is from last year, though this about the time they usually bloom.

Brain Dead

Sunday, 22 April 2007 00:09
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I attempted going to bed, and an hour or so later I decided to try another tack. So I'm online again, searching out more stuff. Sleep may finally be calling. Will try again here shortly.

Puyallup Fair in September - one of the sheep sites said that Puyallup usually has a lot of sheep entries in the fair.

Local farm, and her FAQ pages are quite amusing. This is the one about reasons why NOT to own sheep. ;D

Spring Hill Farms - a brief recap of the year, and timing for certain events. Hilarious comments about the dogs mid-year. (why be picky? LOL.)

Lots of Jacob's Sheep and Navajo-Churro sale pics here: ADORABLE.

Oklahoma State must have a great agricultural department. I've used their horse breeds before, and see that they also have a sheep section.

Just a really cool horned Dorset!
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Ok, yeah. Thought I was done, but google images was still open. lol.

This is an awesome looking black horned sheep! It's a rare one, but really cool.

Interesting article on choosing the right breed for your purpose.

More Black Welsh Mountain sheep - appears to be a Washington location.

Dancing Sheep Farm - I haven't perused this site, but how could I resist that name? Plus it's a fairly local farm!

Icelandic Sheep. Very pretty, and an Oregon ranch. Would like to read more later:

Black Sheep Gathering - June 07 at Fairgrounds. I've always wondered what this was while seeing the signs for it. Wool and livestock events.


Saturday, 21 April 2007 21:31
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My family used to raise sheep, and Mom and I got to talking today about how we missed certain parts of that. The lambs, of course, and just the general bits about them. I for one do not at ALL miss the 'teenagers' of the bunch - always getting out of the pastures and just big enough to be a real pain. lol.

So, had some fun searching online tonight. A general info website, with alphabetical breed info, pictures, and links to breed organizations:

North Country Cheviot - this was one of our more unique breeds that we had a few ewes of, and they're very pretty. And even better, they're tough and practical! Yay! Not the best website for pictures but it has some nice info, and breeder links.

Hmm. There's also a Border Cheviot. I have no clue which one we actually had, then. :\

Suffolk - very common breed, but very sturdy. This is a nice site with lots of articles and links, most especially health care and tips on picking out your flock.

Black Welsh sheep - pretty sure we didn't have this one, but I had to share it's site because I loooooove black sheep and it is a glossy one! ^___^

Dorsets. I'm not sure if we actually had a couple or if I just liked them because of the horned ones. *G* A little unique and offbeat is always cool, you know. ;D

hah. That's enough for now, I'm starting to get really tired. Had a good day despite Papa going into urgent care this morning (pneumonia) and it pouring rain all day. Rode Jeffrey for a little bit and Nate practiced being an escape artist. lol.


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