Tuesday, 10 April 2007 17:40
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Work has settled down a little bit from last week. I'm not feeling quite so aggravated and stressed out, even though there's more work to be done with a coworker out sick. Weird, eh? Got caught up today, but since I'm off tomorrow there will likely be a bunch of stuff to do on Thursday. :)

We've been alternating between bursts of sunshine and rain showers, which I guess IS typical spring weather. Just so tired of winter type weather that I want it to be all sunshine for now, I guess!!

One of two daffodil survivors in my yard. Yay! ^___^


Tuesday, 20 March 2007 17:39
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*edited out the bitchy comments about bitchy callers at work*


I need to work on cleaning out my corner of the garage and my closet. Neither of which sound thrilling! I think I may catch up on tv and cooking tomorrow instead, and then work on that stuff this weekend/next week when I've got a few extra days off. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I need to go weigh in tomorrow, as I forgot last week. Oops!

Spring. SPRING! It's such a lovely change. Even if we're back to cloudy days at the moment, at least it's not bitterly cold and you get some bursts of sunshine.

My "hens and chicks" from last year - it's still looking great despite getting almost-drowned this winter. Whew.
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I really dig No Doubt/ Gwen Stefani sometimes, and that song is actually in theme tonight. I bought some really pretty spring/summer colors from Avon/Mark last week and they arrived today. So pretty! Looking forward to trying them out.

Finally threw out my work shoes tonight. They've been very sturdy and functional for the last year, but they're all scruffy and falling apart now. So tonight I went a little crazy at Payless Shoesource and got two cute yet low wedges (one black patent looking and the other a funky fun orange pattern) and one black velvet sneaker pair. I'm sick to death of our plain palette for work, and will try to work in some fun this way. Besides, our new sweaters are springy and easter egg colors, so it's all good. ^___^

Bought a magazine for "Gardening on a Budget" so I can expand my gardening horizons without breaking the bank this year. And since I'm all excited for spring I'll continue the photo tradition for this week. Silver Edged Primrose:


Wednesday, 14 March 2007 20:34
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Started out my day on a productive note - took Nate for a lovely little walk around the neighborhood, then went in and got my teeth cleaned. Nice and shiny!! Things are looking good, and a little cold sensitivity is not at all unexpected after they redid the fillings last time. Whew. I was a bit worried, but he said it should start improving now. Yay!

Finally got my oil changed in my truck - they had a special this morning for $4 off, so yay!! Though the guy forgot and I had to ask him about it. He said it was good I did, because he'd forgotten to offer it to all his other customers today too. Oops. lol. Anyway, nice to get that out of the way.

Completely forgot about the coding meeting tonight until about an hour before it. O.o I really could use the Continuing Education credits, so I managed to get myself together and make it across town in time for the meeting. I'm glad I went as it was actually an interesting one. The presenter was a nutritionist who works on the bariatric surgery team in town.

Anyway. I'm exhausted and going to hit the hay. Still excited about actual sunshine, and the reminder of flowers to come:



Tuesday, 13 March 2007 16:53
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It's been a bit of a hectic day. Our system at work kept crashing - we're guessing it's because we're adding computers to all of the operatory rooms. You'd have THOUGHT that you would have checked to make sure the system could handle it before doing so, wouldn't you?? Technology is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it is frustrating.

Anyway. I am now craving sunshine and chocolate. Neither one is highly likely tonight. lol.

So, intead, I'll share a photo from last year. Gerberas and pansies! I'm so glad it's almost spring and we can start having beautiful flowers again. Speaking of hydrangea came back from last year! And I haven't even watered it since fall. Oops!! It's looking beautiful and smelling fantastic. The primrose in the same planter is also doing well.

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Just ignore this entry if you want. I prefer the "cloud" look to the tags, but I hate it that you can't actually read half of them. So I'm going to list all the not-as-loved tags and one itty bitty bit of randomness to go with them here. :D

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Photo: Peach Dahlia

Wednesday, 31 May 2006 20:27
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This dahlia makes me so very happy!


Saturday, 15 April 2006 17:07
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These are most of the flowers that I planted last weekend. They are quite enjoying the mix of rain and sunshine we've been getting!

The other new ones and a touch of snow. I'm starting to feel my around ScrapBook now and am enjoying it much better. Learning how to upload more than one at once makes a *huge* difference, too. LOL.


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