Tuesday, 22 September 2009 21:41
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We got our latest upgrade of our software - 2nd beta version. It's going to be fabulous once we get used to the new layout and look, and know where the heck everything is located now! But today it was just insane working out the little bugs and stuff. Took me an hour to get going this morning simply because part of it had upgraded and yet the main new part looked exactly like the old part! Turns out it was just a resolution screen size thing, but that was really weird. Anyway, some of the changes are totally awesome and will make things a lot easier down the road. Yay!

Last night we went to a hip-hop dance class at the fitness center. It was actually quite a bit of fun!! I loved the warm up moves and music - though I thought if that was the warm up the work out itself would be killer! It was actually pretty nice, but trying to keep track of dance moves even when he teaches them really well and in smaller doses just isn't something I want to focus on after work at this point. I'm going to ask him if he'd mind if I just did the warm up part with the class, and then go use the ellipsis or treadmill while the rest of the family is in the dance class. It's less taxing on the brain and more taxing on the fat. lol.

I'm so very glad the Colts won last night! It was looking like I was only going to get two teams right for the week, but thankfully they won and I actually ended up with six right. Whooo! Hahahah! Crazy week.
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April has been hectic, but beautiful. I'm so far behind in LJ that I'm not going to be able to catch up. :\

My office has new moved to its new location - let me just say, that was a highly intense week. We managed to pack up on a Friday, and then started unpacking that Monday. Thought we'd be doing that without the phones, but OMG, that was not the case. So we were trying to unpack and answer the phone while not knowing where anything is and how to run the new phone system. Ugh!! But we survived, and Tuesday was a lot better. *G* Everything is different, but I think in a couple of weeks we're really going to love it. It's completely gorgeous so that's a huge bonus. :o)

We've had a lot of beautiful days lately, so I'm hoping that if it continues to not rain a lot Nate and I will be able to start hiking up the hill again. At least it's getting close! Looking forward to it. This has been such a strange year weatherwise - we have had frosty mornings pretty recently and have been afraid to plant our veggie garden. but it's almost May!! Want to get it started. Now. lol. I did pick up a double-petunia basket yesterday (it was on sale), so hopefully we'll be able to start the garden here shortly!
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Hallelujah, it is Friday. Life is good.

My coworker barely passed the third section of the PCA course (physician's chart auditor) - by 4%. Which does not bode well for me!! Ack. Oh well, there's no rush on it so I'll just take my time and hope to do as well as possible.

Finally figured out how to get some more songs on last.fm without being able to scrobble them myself. If they have the little blue or gold arrow in front of them, you can add the entire track to your playlist. Yay!! Working out great so far. Still can't get some of the songs (only 30 seconds, etc), but it's better than nothing. I got a whole morning of Dashboard to play on my work computer this morning, but it wouldn't register any new songs for the afternoon. Though, when I got home, it did seem that it had registered some. Maybe it was just my work computer being weird. God only knows. lol.

I'm off for the weekend. Poor Sven shall be all alone. hehe. If all goes well at the Black Sheep Gathering, I shall have sheep pictures later in the month. Be interesting to see some of the more 'unusual' breeds in person.


Tuesday, 10 April 2007 17:40
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Work has settled down a little bit from last week. I'm not feeling quite so aggravated and stressed out, even though there's more work to be done with a coworker out sick. Weird, eh? Got caught up today, but since I'm off tomorrow there will likely be a bunch of stuff to do on Thursday. :)

We've been alternating between bursts of sunshine and rain showers, which I guess IS typical spring weather. Just so tired of winter type weather that I want it to be all sunshine for now, I guess!!

One of two daffodil survivors in my yard. Yay! ^___^


Monday, 2 April 2007 17:56
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Well, I was wondering what a Lifer was in this context. Oops! That's me. *G*

are you a talent, lifer or mandarin )
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I really dig No Doubt/ Gwen Stefani sometimes, and that song is actually in theme tonight. I bought some really pretty spring/summer colors from Avon/Mark last week and they arrived today. So pretty! Looking forward to trying them out.

Finally threw out my work shoes tonight. They've been very sturdy and functional for the last year, but they're all scruffy and falling apart now. So tonight I went a little crazy at Payless Shoesource and got two cute yet low wedges (one black patent looking and the other a funky fun orange pattern) and one black velvet sneaker pair. I'm sick to death of our plain palette for work, and will try to work in some fun this way. Besides, our new sweaters are springy and easter egg colors, so it's all good. ^___^

Bought a magazine for "Gardening on a Budget" so I can expand my gardening horizons without breaking the bank this year. And since I'm all excited for spring I'll continue the photo tradition for this week. Silver Edged Primrose:


Thursday, 15 February 2007 20:07
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I hate being disorganized - I was going through the rest of the books that I picked up from the used book store when I was petsitting in November, and found a check from my grandmother in there for one of the oils I bought for her. *sigh* I'm thinking it's nearing the limit of what banks like to cash, so I may have to ask her to re-write it, or at least update the date and initial it. I don't know. Scatterbained.

It's amazing how the simple things can please you so much - the managers all went to the Kodak seminar last month to learn more about our office software. After five or so years, we FINALLY know how to add text to the "remarks/comments" section of the electronic claims! WHOOOHOOOO! We don't have to drop it to paper anymore just to say "2nd mailing" or whatever minor stuff it is they need to know. *happy dancing* Also, I'm feeling way more comfortable with posting payments - I'm balancing the first time through more consistently and it's not going at a turtle's pace anymore. Yay! I'm also grateful that despite feeling a little grumpy with people in general and very tired by the end of the day, it actually was a good day and I managed to whittle out quite a few of the problem things that have been hanging around. Happy February. :o)

I felt bad at lunch - when I got home I noticed that there was a big black dog over at the neighbor's across the street. I was watching him while my lunch was heating up, and he wandered from the one house to the one next to it - didn't exactly look like he belonged, you know? Plus I've not seen him before. Anyway, I grabbed a dog biscuit and went out to see if I could get him close enough to see if he had any tags - he looked nervous and a bit scared, but he did come over. Unfortunately he just had on a rabies tag. There were some workmen over by the house where I first saw the dog so I tried to get him to go with me to see if they were his people - they said no, and the dog at that point took off trotting down our street. :( I suppose I should have called animal control at that point, but I didn't because it'd be sad if he really was a neighborhood dog and they were just around the corner. In talking with my housemate after lunch, I've decided the next time that I will call animal control (for safety reasons) or even the vet down the road. Possibly they could have tracked the rabies tag and found the owner. But as nervous as the dog was I don't think I could have gotten him to the vet's. *sigh* We're thinking positive and that he just went down the street to home. He looked well taken care of so it's likely. :\

My housemate also said that probably her vet could scan Nate's microchip. That's cool. I'll have to see if they can do that, or even if Nate's vet could do that next time I take him in. He had a microchip put in when I adopted him from the shelter, but with all the wrestling he and Rocky did that first year the tag with it's number on it was destroyed. So I can't update our address, as I'm sure it's got the rental's address on it. Unless I put on my grandparent's address, but I just can't remember. Anyway, I want to get it updated, since it's silly to actually have a microchip in your dog and have it possibly not HELP. So, yeah. Plus, I think I need to update Nate's dog tag. Last time I checked it was starting to get beat up. (Uhm, not that he wears his collar in the house...so I guess we'd best continue making sure the doors are well locked, eh?)


Thursday, 1 February 2007 21:01
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I adore my supervisor, I think she's a great person to work with and everything. But when she tells us this morning that she had to put her head between her knees after brushing her teeth so she didn't keel over in a faint and/or get sick, all I can think is "and you came to work?!?" Thank goodness I'm not a supervisor, I guess. Cuz there's just some times you need to call in sick.

Mom and I finally got a chance to watch the Cavalia DVD last weekend. The first few moments were a little disappointing - but really that's just because it just can't measure up to the magic of actually being there in person. But really, the DVD turned out to be just wonderful. They show segments of the entire show (about 40 min worth), then spend another 40 minutes with behind the scenes stuff. And then they spend about 15 minutes introducing all the people involved (riders and acrobats), and then the horses. By the end of the entire disc, it felt every bit as magical and captivating as the live performance had been. Plus, you get a feel for the performers this way, which is totally cool. It does indeed make up for missing this year's performance. And we get to watch it again and again. ^___^
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Normally the subject matter refers to a pretty girl and a beast of a man. Tonight it refers to a beastly hell of a day and a magnificent horse. If you like friesians and/or huge glossy black horses, you must go here and see Teake in all his beautiful glory. It's a huuuuge picture post and not at all dialup friendly, but there are some lovely shots if you have the time to wait for them to load. *happy sigh*

The work day royally sucked. It *should* have been a nice day to catch up on the backlog of work, but instead it was full of insanely angry or stressed out people on the phone, and a variety of other weird issues all day long. Ack. Oh well. We haven't had a Monday quite like that for a while, and here's hoping we don't for another long stretch of time. ;D

Despite the day that never ended, I'm actually in a good mood right now. Tired, but happy. Yay for good friends, music and lovely animals. Nate is crashed out next to me, and life is good. ^___^


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