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Yesterday's Kentucky Derby was fantastic to watch! We actually were all rooting for Street Sense, even though it seems fairly rare that your favorite actually wins. *G* We enjoyed the story of his trainer (the first Derby he won, with Unbridled I believe, was for that 92 year old lady and it was just such a cool win!) and liked the look of Street Sense. So it was absolutely wonderful to see him win, especially seeing how he manuevered from 19th to first and made it look pretty darn easy. *happy dancing*
A few more photos here. Street Sense, Hard Spun and pony horse Chopper are the only equines pictured.

Otherwise, it's been a good weekend so far. We picked up some burgandy lamb tips at Trader Joe's last night and had them for dinner, along with mashed potatoes with goat cheese. Mmmm. It was all delicious! Today I got to ride Jeffrey a bit early in the morning, then used Mom's new camcorder to tape the first two rounds. It's a neat little camera! Hopefully I did okay with the recording. lol. Poor Nate was super sore this morning, but it was kind of nice for him not to be caterwauling all morning with excitement. ^___^

6/5/07 22:59 (UTC)
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He wasn't My pick, but that run was really impressive, the jockey rode perfectly and the horse was flying.

9/5/07 23:37 (UTC)
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Yes, it was a beautiful run. It was neat to see when they finally went back and showed how he managed it! He made it look easy (even though I know it wasn't). Who was your pick?

11/5/07 17:55 (UTC)
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Any Given Saturday ... didn't do much, but I liked his looks, and his Slytherin silks (geek!)

15/5/07 01:53 (UTC)
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*nods* Yes, he was very striking. I hadn't noticed the Slytherin silks, but that's a good a reason as any to choose a horse sometimes! When I am not familiar with the horses in a race I tend to go for the grey horses (the grey with the right blind eye was my 2nd pick). Not a very scientific way to pick your horse, but it's great fun when it works out. ^___^

15/5/07 14:38 (UTC)
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I don't bet money, so I go on looks, totally. I love a grey thoroughbred too, or the really dark bay to black ones with that rangy build. I'm such a draft horse person, but I do have a soft spot for the opposite, the rangy, all legs animals.

16/5/07 01:27 (UTC)
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Heh, yeah. I don't even think about betting and forgot to say so earlier. ^__^

*nods* Oh, yeah. Greys and super dark, tall and shiny thoroughbreds are just stunning. Well, I must confess that sometimes a tall and shiny chestnut or bay TB will suffice as well. lol. (One of my dad's qh's was a huge chestnut with a coppery glow to him when the sun hit him and he was "my" horse, so I do have a soft spot for them!) Man, I wish that Secretariat or Man O War had lived a little later in the century, as I would have loooooved to have seen them race! They'll occasionally show a Secretariat clip but not that often anymore.

16/5/07 06:08 (UTC)
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So do I!

Off I go now to New Orleans, have a great week.

8/5/07 08:53 (UTC)
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It was exciting! I love your icon!

9/5/07 23:37 (UTC)
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It was a great race to watch! And thank you! ^___^


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