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Monday, 14 May 2007 18:30
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This has been one of the more hectic Mondays in recent memory. Partly because I haven't been home this weekend for the most part (and was tired), but mostly because the phone was just ringing off the hook.

It sounds like The Knit Shop offers a First Time Only session for absolute beginners - come in one day before opening and knit until you're comfortable. Hmmm. Okay, sounds interesting. Hopefully the days are flexible, then I'll just pick a Wednesday and not have to ask for time off of work to learn knitting. *G* Hopefully (II) they'll also be willing to teach a simple crochet stitch, as the potholders (that look like a very simple pattern) have a crochet edge. Yay for new hobbies. ^___^

Just letting my friends know I'm terribly behind on LJ. My computer currently sounds like it's absolutely dying (but I think it's just the fan), so I may or may not get caught up before Wednesday. I'll get caught up by then at the latest IF my computer stays alive despite its groaning. ;D

15/5/07 02:10 (UTC)
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YAY for Corinne Bailey Rae! And I hope the knitting class works out. I myself want to learn to knit, as so many of my friendslist are knitwits. :D

And no worries about catching up on LJ, as I get behind these days myself.

16/5/07 01:31 (UTC)
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I absolutely love her music! The only reason I heard of her is that Rolling Stone had that one mini article where the headline said something about her liking Pearl Jam, so I had to read it and then pick up her album. OMG, it's gorgeous!! So glad to find another fan. ^___^

Knitwits. LOL. Yeah, I signed up for the introductory class on June 6th, so I'm hoping it works out too. I'm thinking I'll have less computer time in the future, so this will be a nice hobby to round out the evenings with, you know? Hopefully. heh. I'm just hoping I take to it better than I did sewing!


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