Thursday, 21 June 2007 21:27
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I must say that today was a decent day. Hectic, but at least things went pretty well and I managed to get things OFF of my desk instead of rerouted to someone else and back to me. So that's a good thing!

Today's BPAL was Doc Constantine, and wow, was it lovely. A little bit of aging makes it swoon worthy.

Odwalla is a wonderful juice company. My current favorites are the PomaGrand pomegranate lemonade and limeade ones, and right now they're on sale for $1.98. Which is still expensive, but at least they're substantially on sale. Mmmm. They're so summery and delicious. I must admit to being confused as to how a juice/puree blend (even if it's only 20%) ends up with no % of vitamin a, c, calcium or iron. You'd think it would have 20% or something! Oh well. I'll get the ones with vitamins and potassium and such in them when they're on sale. ;D

Note to self:
Tomorrow: If you go out to the ranch tomorrow night, please remember to take the watermelons! And the extra mayan chocolate ice cream. And the seed packets that are going to Heather's. Sunscreen. And since it's been a hectic week, don't forget the changes of clothes. Wouldn't that just figure? Also, see if you can find that visor!
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[ profile] mithrigil has posted a collection of the most delicious sounding batch of Final Fantasy related recipes. Mmm, mmm. Be sure to check out the photo links, too, especially that first one. It went from "eh, that sounds like a lot of work" to "OMG it looks like it would be worth it" for me, anyway. ^___^

Knitting class this morning went really well. The instructor was much nicer than she sounded the first time I talked to her, and I now understand the basics of knitting. It's still very awkward, but I expect that to improve with practice. And at least now I know what the books are trying to tell me about knitting and purling. ;D My first project is going to be a tiny baby throw (smaller than an actual blanket, more just a cover up for the car seat type of thing) for my coworker. If it turns out well, anyway. If it doesn't it will be a very pretty colored covering for one of my bookshelves. lol. A backup plan is always a good thing, y'know.

Isn't it weird how sometimes you get frimps with BPAL oils and you end up liking the frimps even better than the ones you wanted in the first place? Omen and Tushnamatay are like that for me, and even Rapture is pretty darn yummy for a rose scent. (What I mean to say is I'm picky about my florals and have found relatively few that I adore--but those that I do adore, I like a lot.)


Wednesday, 31 January 2007 22:00
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Managed to make it to the post office before they closed - so glad they stay open until 5:30 now! Whew. Must remember to actually take the check for my POBox when I write it next time, because it does me no good in my room for three days. *g*

I managed to resist going out for dinner just because I was *already* on the road, even though it was highly tempting. Had a nice little mandarin chicken & rice dinner instead, and it was quite tasty.

Had my first really drastic YUCK BPAL moment tonight. The description for Black Ice is intriguing: Lovely, dangerous, slick, and bitterly cold: chilly white sleet-like notes with a hint of vetiver, a breath of smoky asphalt, and winter wind. Sounds cool, yes? I love vetiver after all. But OMG, on my skin this is like burnt rubber and is absolutely eye-watering. It's been five minutes and it's starting to mellow out into rubber tires, but it is still not at all attractive on me and I'm not tempted to try it again. Ever. lol. The other two I will try again, as I think Black Ice is influencing them in a bad way and it's not their fault.

I can't believe this month is over. I also can't believe that I still don't have my New Year cards out yet. Oopsie. This weekend I've got to get a start on that and the two packages that I want to get sent out. Guess I'm glad that these are the biggest things that I'm currently procrastinating on, yet they're ones that have been around for a really long time and it just needs to be done.

Man. I'm so used to friends-locking everything that it feels weird NOT to lock it. I'm going to try to be more open this year and not lock it simply because it has actual text in it!


Wednesday, 31 January 2007 17:14
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*breathless* BPAL just released a selection of oils based on Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Anansi Boys. Fabulous!! I haven't had much luck with spicy scents, but I may have to try Mama-Ji. It sounds wonderful. Oh, why are they releasing so many fabulous scents right now? They don't have an end date listed for these, so hopefully they'll stick around for a while.

I've been incredibly laid back today. OH GOD. I have to go run to the post office. Be back later!

BPAL Reviews

Friday, 26 January 2007 16:05
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Delight, Laudanum, Oberon, Lady MacBeth, Osun )


Wednesday, 27 December 2006 13:41
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Well, wow. Semagic automatically transfers the font colors and returns and stuff from email. Too cool!

Aureus, Succubus, Purple Phoenix, The Coiled Serpent, Grog, Manila and Megaera )


Friday, 22 December 2006 20:51
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This morning was really weird - the car windows were slick and icy, but the roads were dry as a bone. Thankfully!! But the glass was super slick.

Anyway, here's some reviews that I missed posting earlier:

Lucy's Kiss, The Unicorn, Tavern of Hell, and Budding Moon )


Tuesday, 21 November 2006 20:33
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I think I'm finally caught up with the old reviews. Just need to type up the new ones sometime this weekend. Whoo!

13, Lick It Again, Samhainphobia )
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And here are the rest. Which are actually only two, plus Harvest Moon. Oops, didn't split that one up very well!

Doc Constantine, Melisande The Puppet Mistress, and Harvest Moon 06 )


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